The Storm Forge Backs Up Cygnar In Privateer’s Warmachine

November 27, 2023 by brennon

If you're looking to reinforce your growing Cygnar army in Warmachine then Privateer Press might have some helpful options for you/ The Storm Forge Cadre is currently available for you to scoop up featuring some fun characters and some zany contraptions in 35mm.

Storm Forge Cadre - Warmachine

Storm Forge Cadre // Warmachine

With a name like Storm Forge, you've probably guessed how this contraption works on the tabletop. Harnessing the raw power of nature, these soldiers use crackling lightning to blast apart their enemies alongside the rest of the Storm Legion. As part of this set, you get the clearly sane Adept Figmund Sparkhammer leading the way. I love that his hammer is actually bigger than him!

Adept Figmund Sparkhammer - Warmachine

Adept Figmund Sparkhammer // Warmachine

The set also comes with Tyson Vas who seems like another cool chap. Anyone with goggles like that and handling a set of clearly explosive devices in such a relaxed way is definitely fun to hang around with. I really like the look of the miniature and the additional work on the interior of the jacket with all that padding.

Tyson Vas - Warmachine

Tyson Vas // Warmachine

This set also comes with the Weather Station itself. This then works with the Storm Callers and the Storm Vanes in order to channel all of that energy and unleash it on their enemies.

Weather Station - Warmachine

Weather Station // Warmachine

The whole set can be picked up now and slotted in alongside the rest of the Cygnar range as you see fit. If you want to double down on the whole "lightning in the best" vibe that Cygnar run with then this does that!

Southern Kriels Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion

As well as the new set for Cygnar, there is also a full Army Expansion for the Southern Kriels Brineblood Marauders.

Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion - Warmachine

Brineblood Marauders Army Expansion // Warmachine

This set comes with a whole host of fun new characters and more for use with your Trollbloods. The contents of this set allow you to take your Trollbloods up to seventy-five points or perhaps 100 points if you prefer. This set properly hones in on the piratical side of things with these Trollbloods. For example, you've got the awesome Captain Shadowtongue.

Captain Shadowtongue - Warmachine

Captain Shadowtongue // Warmachine

Captain Shadowtongue looks absolutely awesome and is covered in scars. I am also totally on board with the big coat and the arcane power dripping from his hands. Another of the fun miniatures in the set is the epic First Mate Hargor Stormjaw. Who wouldn't want a badass Trollblood smoking a cigar and swinging around two flaming swords?

First Mate Hargor Stormjaw - Warmachine

First Mate Hargor Stormjaw // Warmachine

The rest of the set also comes with a Tapper, a set of Pyg Shockers, the Booty Boss, a Pyg Dirge and the Coxswain. You also get those awesome Pyg Cannons and their crew who are going to be giving you a bit of extra covering fire as the battlelines close. A great set for those wanting to have some more options to play with when it comes to running the Brineblood Marauders.

Unleash The Annihilators Cadre

Finishing things off, we also got a preview of a miniature coming out in January for Warmachine and the forces of Khador. What do you make of Kommander Tatiana Sikor?

Kommander Tatiana Sikora - Warmachine

Kommander Tatiana Sikora // Warmachine

She is rocking a pretty awesome suit of armour and some deadly weapons. I quite like the miniature but I feel like it looks a bit clean for my liking. I think it could properly pop with a more grim paint scheme featuring a bit of wear and tear. I think that folks might end up getting an alternative head for her as well just to give her some added protection!

What do you make of the new miniatures we've been seeing for Warmachine?

"I love that his hammer is actually bigger than him!"

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