Weekender: 3D Printed Fantasy Terrain & Unboxing The Glacier King

December 12, 2015 by lloyd

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Welcome to The Weekender where it has been a very productive week! There have been a whole bunch of awesome miniatures and more to enjoy and we've been busy hobbying too..

Weekender: 3D Printed Fantasy Terrain & Unboxing The Glacier King

News Round-Up

  • Khador WarjacksTrollbloods - Khador get themselves some new Warjacks while Trollbloods call on their Shamanistic powers.
  • Wolsung SSG Golem - Got trudging through a steampunk city with the Wolsung SSG Gigantic Golem.
  • US Winter Infantry - Wrap up warm and check out the new US Winter Infantry and Armoured Cars from Warlord Games for Bolt Action.
  • Manorhouse Abbey Ruins - Fight out skirmishes from role-playing games and more with these rather wonderful looking ruins by Manhouse Workshop.

Big Beasts & P-VLOGS

Feeding into the awesomeness that is Trollbloods we take a look at the latest Gargantuan for their faction, the Glacier King. If you thought the Mountain King was good wait until you see this guy.

This also leads us into talking about our Parts To Painted series we're looking at running more of. John went through the first one this week on the Ersatz Panther.

Fantasy Terrain & Slavic Myth

We're also taking a look at a few Kickstarters that might peak your interest...

  • Winterdale: Medieval Fantasy Terrain Collection - Fancy getting in ahead of the curve and backing this campaign to get your own set of Fantasy Terrain to make using a 3D printer?
  • Wormhole - This fun little board game seems like it could be hectic fun with the full eight players around the tabletop!
  • Slavic Fantasy Miniatures - We delve into Slavic mythology and history with Deraj Studios' new miniatures line and skirmish game. This one is well worth a proper look.

So there we have it, another jam packed week and a set up for your Saturday morning!

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We hope you have an awesome day!

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