Mantic Games Announce The Return Of Dungeon Saga With Origins!

February 24, 2023 by brennon

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Mantic Games have announced that they are going back to Dungeon Saga with some of the classic heroes in Origins! This prequel to the original game sees familiar heroes going up against deadly enemies in a brand-new dungeon environment.

Dungeon Saga Origins - Mantic Games

Dungeon Saga Origins Kickstarter // Mantic Games

Find Out More Here From Mantic - Dungeon Saga Origins

Madriga, Orlaf, Danor and Rordin are diving into the heart of a new dungeon. The classic dungeon-crawling adventure is still here but with a new Legendary Edition coming to Kickstarter. It is being designed as a good entry point to the series and will feature some great new miniatures.

Adventurers - Dungeon Saga Origins

Adventurers // Dungeon Saga Origins

The relaxed gameplay idea is still at the core of the gameplay in Dungeon Saga but that doesn't mean that you're going to be in for a walk in the park.

Danor - Dungeon Saga

Danor // Dungeon Saga

Madriga - Dungeon Saga

Madriga // Dungeon Saga

Orlaf - Dungeon Saga

Orlaf // Dungeon Saga

Rordin - Dungeon Saga

Rordin // Dungeon Saga

You will also find challenging scenarios to play, linked campaign games as well as options for using your gold and items between quests to get new equipment. All of this will be handy when talking on more undead foes.

Baddies - Dungeon Saga Origins

Baddies // Dungeon Saga Origins

These miniatures have had a proper glow-up! I think this is going to be a fun one to dive into, especially as they are looking to tweak the existing rules which were a lot of fun anyway! As well as the return of some classic foes, this is also going to be the first time that we're seeing the Twilight Kin in action with their very own Dungeon Saga expansion.

Twilight Kin - Dungeon Saga Origins

Twilight Kin // Dungeon Saga Origins

Fun stuff awaits and it will be great to see where Mantic take this revamped and refreshed go at Dungeon Saga. I am all for a proper old-school dungeon crawler and this seems to tick all the boxes.

Will you be giving this a go?

"These miniatures have had a proper glow-up!"

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