Oh, Brother! Expansion Pops Up For Stuffed Fables Board Game

March 15, 2021 by brennon

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The delightfully fun cooperative board game Stuffed Fables is getting an expansion soon in the form of Oh, Brother! Available from Plaid Hat Games and publisher Z-Man, this adds more hijinks into the mix for your toy heroes!

Oh Brother Expansion - Stuffed Fables

Oh, Brother! Expansion // Stuffed Fables

The core of Oh, Brother! is based around a new Adventure Book tale to tell with your friends where you have to protect a Baby Brother who has joined the family. You'll be tackling more new monsters from beneath the bed and looking to make sure your charge isn't taken into the supernatural Fall.

Oh Brother Components - Stuffed Fables

Oh, Brother! Components // Stuffed Fables

The two newest heroes to join the group are the loveable Pokey and the hand-me-down action figure, Manny. Both will be able to team up with the original Stuffed Fables heroes in order to get rid of dastardly new foes.

Oh Brother Layout - Stuffed Fables

Oh, Brother! Layout // Stuffed Fables

You don't have to have completed the main Stuffed Fables campaign to enjoy playing through Oh, Brother! but you will need the base game and some of its components in order to enjoy the story. It seems like a nice next step for families who have played through the original game though and I love the new toy designs!

I actually painted up the core game heroes from Stuffed Fables and had a lot of fun. They are a neat challenge, especially if you've been painting grimdark miniatures for most of your life.

If the expansion has caught your attention then you can check out the quick Rules Sheet and then get pre-ordering ahead of a release in the next month or two.

Have you played Stuffed Fables?

"The two newest heroes to join the group are the loveable Pokey and the hand-me-down action figure, Manny..."

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