Check Stretch Goals For Archon’s Wolfenstein Board Game

April 20, 2020 by brennon

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Archon Studio has got just over a week left on their Kickstarter for Wolfenstein: The Board Game. If you missed it, we talked about the game in detail over on The Weekender last Friday but here we're looking at the Stretch Goals they've unlocked as part of the project.

Wolfenstein Stretch Goals Updated - Archon Studio

Above is a quick list of what they have unlocked so far and how it gets added into the pledge levels and options available during the campaign. It's nice to see that as well as a bunch of new miniatures, be they enemies of friends, have been added into the mix, the Stretch Goals also throw in some upgrades to the game components too.

Making the core game feel more special for those who back is always a plus I think, building on the aesthetic and aiding in play. New mounds of plastic are fun I'm sure but it's good to know that the basic elements of the game are hopefully getting the utmost attention.

The Core Pledge

If you missed what's available as part of the core pledge...

Wolfenstein Core Game Update - Archon Studio

Yup, that is a lot of stuff. I think we were particularly taken with the idea of the 3D tiles and what that added to the game. It seems to move it away from the board game look and towards being a full-on miniatures game which is interesting. We've tinkered with their kit from previous Kickstarter campaigns and they are fun to play around with.

Are you tempted to check out this Kickstarter for yourself?

"Are you tempted to check out this Kickstarter for yourself?"

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