Weekender: Wild West Exodus Game Design Philosophy & Salute Winners Announced!

May 19, 2018 by dracs

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We have some awesome goodies to give away this week on the show AND an awesome chat with Roberto from Warcradle about the design philosophy that they work with for Wild West Exodus.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Game Design Philosophy & Salute Winners Announced!

Additionally, we have news to take a peek at as well as plenty more for you to check out so get your comments in.

Celestial & Big GeekNSon Table Raffle At UK Games Expo!

Make sure to check out Diemension Games as their webstore is now open. You can now get your hands on their stunning 75mm models HERE and also check out their invitational painting competition entries HERE.

Also, we have a big raffle to announce alongside GeekNSon which will be running throughout the UK Games Expo in two weeks time. You will be able to snap up tickets and be in with a chance of winning the table we show the games off during our livestream.


We have LOADS of news for you this week...

What from the news caught your eye?

Wild West Exodus Design Philosophy

We sat down with Roberto from Warcradle to discuss the design philosophy that has gone into making Wild West Exodus what it is, and where the narrative is going as they add new models and more into the range.


We have two awesome Kickstarters for you this week...

Competitions - Win Wild West Exodus Goodies!

First off, we are announcing the winners from the Godslayer Competition which we held last week. There were THREE winners for that so if you heard your name, make sure to Claim Your Prize.

We also have a NEW competition where you could win...

Wild West Exodus Red Oak Starter Set + Red Oak Terrain

...so make sure to listen to see if you were a winner.

Salute Winners

We announced all of the winners on the show, but if you didn't hear your name make sure to check the list below and once again, CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!

  • Full 6×4 Jesserai Landing Bay (4Ground) - toricova
  • What A Tanker! Rulebook & Tokens (Too Fat Lardies) - nikkel
  • Full Shogunate Terrain Set (Bandua Wargames) - jamesg
  • Spitfyre (Hysterical Games) - kadmon
  • £25 Store Voucher (JoeK) - amachan
  • Janine The Hussar (Wargamer) - mischief
  • 2x Mythos Factions (Of Your Choice) + 2x Rulebooks (Paranoid Miniatures) - storminwolf
  • Guild Ball Bag + Foam Insert (Battle Foam) - sigma15
  • Blood Red Skies Squadron (Of Your Choice) (Warlord Games) - baranora
  • Medieval Knights Plastic Set (Conquest Games) - theticky
  • Guild Ball Ratcatcher’s Mat (Deep-Cut Studio) - dags
  • Akitiin Monster (Twilight Miniatures) - otakugirl
  • Saracen Plastic Warband Set (Gripping Beast) - petey9
  • 2x Collision Faction Starters (Of Your Choice) (Code Orange Games) - tachycardia
  • T14 Armata Tank (Empress Miniatures) - janus1004
  • Spectre Fireteam Squad (Spectre Miniatures) - duster
  • Sci-Fi Landing Pad Set (Sarissa Precision) - emptynessisform
  • Ratcatcher’s Guild Set (Steamforged Games) - jax78
  • 7TV Buggy (Crooked Dice) - kayrack
  • British Mk VI Infantry Platoon (White Dragon Miniatures) - darthcheese
  • ArcWorlde Faction Starter Set (Your Choice) (Warploque Miniatures) - cabaltrainee
  • Foot Knights Plastic Set (FireForge Games) - taylawlz
  • Armoured Fist Book, Command Cards, Unit Cards, Churchill’s Kingforce (Battlefront) - turak
  • Industrial Sector Terrain (Art Of War Studios) - paragon
  • Burrows & Badgers Rulebook, Exclusive Miniature + Extra Scenario (Oathsworn Miniatures) - snowyak
  • Star Saga (Mantic Games) - gazky
  • Dropfleet & Dropzone Commander Starter Set + 6 Sandstorm Terrain Kits (TTCombat) - harald0skald
  • 1914 Rulebook (Great Escape Games) - warhammergrimace
  • Star Trek Adventures Crew Set (Of Your Choice) (Modiphius) - tuffyears

That is quite a range of different winners so if you know someone who won make sure to let them know and be a good egg!

Have a good weekend!

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