Unofficial Hobby Hangout #98 running out of witty titles… again…

February 9, 2022 by sundancer | Channel: SomeDudeOnYouTube

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Tiny fighting men and ways to paint them… Huzza!

#YouKraut #UnofficialHobbyHangout #MiniatureWargaming

This weeks links:

Photo Reference Resource including images of China

Mordheim (sort of…)

Napoleon of the West

Carnevale – Escape from San Canciano

10mm Orcs

Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

A Foray into Napoleonic Wargaming


A Star Wars Project

Scratch Built Starships and other Trekkin stuff!

144artist Populates the Damocles Sector or Creating a System Agnostic Science Fiction Miniatures Collection

Raise high the black flag, my children! No prisoners. No pity. I will shoot any man I see with pity in him

The form:

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