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Unlock Mementos Creating Nostalgic Patterns With That Old Wallpaper!


Brining pattern and design to the forefront of card-drafting, players will be taking to memories of their own walls for That Old Wallpaper. 

Head To The Horses In AEG’S Upcoming Ready Set Bet Board Game


Alderac Entertainment Group is on the verge of releasing Ready Set Bet placing players in the stands making bets and waging tension-filled horse racing.

Establish Cities & Trade Routes In The Guild Of Merchant Explorers


AEG have announced their next upcoming title for the summer, The Guild of Merchant Explorers. As players connect cities' trade routes and explore Tigome.

Deliver Passengers To Their Chosen Location: Via Wormholes!


Wormholes is set to be released in Q3, placing players into the roles of Captain, taking passengers through fabricated wormholes aboard an almighty spaceship.

Construct A Cityscape With Brute Meeple Power In Rolling Heights


Alderac Entertainment Group is releasing a new dice-throwing city-management game, coming to FLGS stores in 2022.

Get All The Necessities For Mystic Vale In New Essential Edition


On March 18th 2022, Mystic Vale: Essential Edition will tie together the base game to get players started and the first three expansions.

Meeples & Monsters Prepare For Retail Release In April 2022


Alderac Entertainment Group have now announced the release date of Monsters & Meeples, putting our wooden friends front-and-centre as mighty heroes.

Irregular Magazine Issue 8 2011


Irregular Magazine Issue 7 2011


5 Claw-some Tabletop Titles This National Cat Day


It is National Cat Day today, and I wanted to point you all to the best of cats in our business!

Give Hugs & Love In New Card Game, Dog Lover


Is that lilac I see on a box with dogs on it, and the game is titled Dog Lover?! AEG has announced their upcoming set collection card game, which promises to be jam-packed full of dogs who just won't quit at being delightfully cute, along with providing 2-4 players a chance to care and love said adorable dogs. In the upcoming title, Dog Lover. 

Save The Mystic Vale In Edge Of Darkness Expansion


AEG are incredibly well known for their vast range of board games. Whether be the cheese wearing Lederhosen in Cubitos, or sewing a cosy-cat quilt in Calico, there really is a wide range of board and card games to pick and choose from.  However, when two worlds collide - there is a chance for these titles to become something bigger. Edge of Darkness Expansion Emissaries of the Vale is currently on Kickstarter and although this game may belong within the Edge of Darkness universe, the expansion ties to another glorious and fantastical title from AEG, Mystic Vale. 

Bolt Action’s BIGGEST Tank Now In Plastic + Stargrave Crews Made Easy With Sci-Fi Apes #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time and a Happy St George's Day, this week Warlord Games Have announced that German players are getting Bolt Action's BIGGEST tank in plastic and our Indie of the week makes Stargrave Crews Easy but first we kick things off with Warcradle's big announcement of the imminent arrival of the Crown

Create Potions and Boil Up A Storm in Whirling Witchcraft from AEG


I am really loving the releases coming from AEG at the moment, there have been board games aplenty in all different types of themes and mechanics. There was Cubitos, and then Sheepy Time, and now we are heading into the woods, and putting ingredients in the Cauldron with Whirling Witchcraft. 

Glide Into Dreamland & Fight Off Nightmares In Sheepy Time


In Sheepy Time by AEG, players will take the role of a Dream Sheep. One of those little fluffy guardians helping and guiding you into Dreamland. Each time you guide your successful sleeper closer into their peaceful state of dreams and get your fluffy little body over the fence, you are helping your human drift into a deeper state and on their way to Dreamland.

Explore Mount Kilimanjaro In Ecos: New Horizon


The first expansion to Ecos: First Continent published by AEG is now available to purchase in FLGS stores worldwide. Ecos: New Horizons is ready to come to a tabletop near you with new features for you to expand your ecosystem and pick up some new wildlife along the way. 

Soulblight Gravelords; Best Age Of Sigmar Army Yet? + WIN 2 Conquest First Blood Sets #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTTWeekender! Are the new Soulblight Gravelords the best Age Of Sigmar army yet? PLUS, we give away 2 Conquest First Blood sets!

Be Fast Or Be Last In Dice-Rolling Racing Game Cubitos


The newest board game from AEG is set to hit retail stores real soon. So I wanted to take a look into this wacky-looking upcoming title, and see how the roll of a dice determines my face of the race in Cubitos.

Meeples & Monsters – Kickstarter Funded In 15 Minutes!


Meeples & Monsters is the newest game from Alderac Entertainment Group which is now live on Kickstarter. And after 15 minutes on the clock: the game has been fully funded - and still with 14 days left to go!

Ecos: First Continent Unboxing


Today Gerry is taking a look at a new board game Ecos: First Continent from AEG Games.

Take A Journey Through Life With AEG’s Inner Compass In 2020


AEG has a rather experimental game in the works for April next year.

Quick Look: Atelier – The Painter’s Studio


In this Quick Look we become art connoisseurs as we lift the lid on AEG's upcoming board game Atelier.

Explore New Horizons In Thunderstone Quest Expansion


Alderac Entertainment Group have launched their new Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter. In Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons, the Champions of Thunderstone find themselves dispersed by the forces of wild magic into strange new worlds.

Control The Carribean In Dead Reckoning


Avast me' hearties! Those buccaneers over at Alderac Entertainment Group have shivered our timbers with their latest game of plunder and piracy!

Build A Better World In Ecos: First Continent


If you could remake the earth in a new and glorious design, what would your perfect world look like? 

Let’s Play: Tiny Towns – Play Along Mode


Coco, Cass, and Ryan invite you all to join them for a friendly game of Tiny Towns from AEG.

Make Masterpieces In Atelier: The Painters Studio


In Atelier: The Painters Studio, you take on the role of an artist managing an atelier, or art studio, during the 19th century.

Unearth Curios In New Board Game From AEG


You are a rogue archaeologist, traveling the world for history’s lost artifacts.

AEG Announce Valley Of The Kings Premium Edition


Alderac Entertainment Group have announced that their Premium version of Valley of the Kings is coming to Kickstarter for a limited two-week campaign ahead of its official retail launch!

Unboxing: Scorpius Freighter From AEG


Gerry is joined with Justin to unbox the latest starfighting game, Scorpius Freighter by Alderac Entertainment Group.

What’s In The Box: Greedy Kingdoms By AEG


AEG’s Big in Japan range has brought some fantastic games over from the land of the rising sun. I crack open one of the latest additions to that collection and take a closer look at 2018’s Greedy Kingdoms.

AEG Announce New Thunderstone Quest Expansions


Alderac Entertainment Group have announced two expansions to Thunderstone Quest, arriving in Spring 2019.

Space Base Gets New Pluto Expansion


A strange new galactic body has emerged within the Milky Way. The greatest minds of The United Earth Services find themselves bewildered by the sudden appearance of Shy Pluto. Get the crews to their stations — it's time to deploy your ships.

Build A Woodland Haven In Tiny Towns


The forest is a big and scary world for a little woodland creature, so you have decided to develop a tiny town for you and your tiny friends to exist without fear from predators.

Fight For Freedom With Scorpius Freighter From AEG


In every city, every planet, every galaxy, there is a hope - spoken only in whispers.  It is the hope of revolution, and in the Scorpius system, it is finally coming true.

Let’s Play: War Chest


Ryan guides Sam and Cass as they assemble their War Chests to wage hex-based war on each other.

Weekender: Dino Fun With The Drowned Earth & Exploring Universal Rule Systems


You could WIN a Drowned Earth Two-Player Bundle PLUS we're discussing loads more in the show today!

AEG Close In On Final Hours For Thunderstone Quest Back To The Dungeon Kickstarter


There are but a few days left on the Kickstarter campaign for Thunderstone Quest by AEG!

Stream Archives: Dungeon Delving with Thunderstone Quest


Join us where we'll be playing through Alderac Entertainment Group's fantastic and huge game, Thunderstone Quest.

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Champions & Bolt Action Boot Camp Announced


We're talking Age Of Sigmar Champions with PlayFusion, the future expansions for Lightseekers and cracking open some cool terrain this week!

AEG Take Thunderstone Quest Back To The Dungeon On Kickstarter


AEG have launched a new Kickstarter for the deck building card game Thunderstone Quest, bringing it Back To The Dungeon.

Battle The Wrath Of Magmaroth In AEG’s The Master’s Trials


Cooperative card games and deck builders are becoming all the rage and one of the latest on the way from AEG is The Master's Trial: Wrath Of Magmaroth where you work together, build your characters and hope to survive the challenges ahead.

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