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Hardcore Miniatures

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Space Dwarf Sergeant On The Way From Hardcore Miniatures


Hardcore Miniatures has been teasing some new options for their Sci-Fi collection.

Weekender: WIN 40K Indomitus Starter Set + Wargaming Miniatures For All Of History

1 month ago 179

Today on the OTT Weekender! We've got some fantastic miniatures to look at from across the Historical spectrum thanks to Footsore Miniatures. Plus, we're giving away a FREE 3D Model from Fat Dragon Games.

Hardcore Miniatures’ Mutant Frogmen Leap Into Battle


Hardcore Miniatures has been showing off some epic looking new characters for you to use in your grimdark games.

Cyber-Demons & Their Slayers Drop From Hardcore Miniatures


Hardcore Miniatures has released two new kits for their Sci-Fi range this month. Some big chunky killers from a demon-filled realm have dropped into the mix starting with the Demon Crusher himself, armed and ready for a massacre. 

Crush More Demons With Hardcore’s Upcoming Trooper


Hardcore Miniatures is looking to slay more demons with this preview of a new Sci-Fi trooper of the doom-based persuasion. You can see him here in a little snapshot going up against something equally as deadly and terrifying!

Hardcore Miniatures Head To The Jungle With Iconic Heroes


Hardcore Miniatures has also heeded the fall of the jungle and unleashed a new set of six Jungle Fighters for you to use in all manner of Sci-Fi games.

Weekender: Warhammer 40K TV Series – What Do You Want To See?


We've got burning questions to answer, indie companies to explore and ask YOU to have your say on the OTT Gaming Awards for 2020.

Hardcore Miniatures Release New Space Dwarves Set


Hardcore Miniatures has been showing off their newest range of models for the realm of Sci-Fi.

Hardcore Orc Boyz Storming The Tabletop


Hardcore Miniatures have a set of six sci-fi Orc Boyz on pre-order for release in December, and while they're on pre-order there are three bundle deals with big savings. 

Hardcore Miniatures Reveal Two New Marvel-lous Orks


Hardcore Miniatures has added two new Orks into the mix for those looking to bring additional character to their grimdark forces on the tabletop.

Ride Or Die With Hardcore Miniatures’ Ghost Orc


Hardcore Miniatures has been working on a new model which should be making its way into your Speed Freekz Ork army. Check out the very hot looking Ghost Orc.

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