Hardcore Orc Boyz Storming The Tabletop

November 18, 2019 by avernos

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Hardcore Miniatures have a set of six sci-fi Fury Orc Boyz on pre-order for release in December, and while they're on pre-order there are three bundle deals with big savings.

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The smallest bundle knocks 21% off the price of the six green skinned fighters but if you require larger mobs of Boyz you can get 26% off for grabbing three sets, or if you like to go big a whopping 32% off a thirty Orc mob!

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The Orcs are multipart minis with no duplicated parts so you can easily make every figure unique, which is what you want to see in a mob, and all the parts have a great level of detailing on them, from the additional armour plates bolted on, to checks and triangular patterns along the weapons. These guys would make a terrific set of orcs for a skirmish game, or could be used as nobz or kommandos to stand out from the crowd.


If orcs aren't your thing then Hardcore Miniatures also have a new release for their Sci-Fi range. Hack is an unusual hero, stopping the demonic spread throughout a haunted mansion to save his girlfriend in a hockey mask and armed with a cleaver. As with the rest of the sci-fi range they do Hack is influenced by video games of the past and this was a favourite of mine in the arcades of my youth so it's great to see him here in glorious resin.

Hack(ed) apart

While there isn't much detail in a set of prison fatigues and faceless mask he looks terrific and if you're not playing a game with demons in it there are alternatives with a pair of cleavers and machetes to load him out with. The Hardcore Miniatures range is a fantastic selection of miniatures that are crisply detailed and even if you don't game with them a lot of us could be persuaded into picking them up for display. I know there's a bubblegum chewer in there I may grab as well.

The horrifying theme of these minis may be inappropriate for young children... and cowards.

"The Hardcore Miniatures range is a fantastic selection of miniatures that are crisply detailed "

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