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A 2000 AD World You Might Have Missed! ABC Warriors Gets New Tabletop Miniatures Game! #OTTWeekender

2 weeks ago 16

It's OTTWeekender time! In this episode, we're diving into the awesomeness that is the new ABC Warriors miniatures range from Warlord Games for their newest entry in the 2000 AD collection.

Oisin The Vanquisher Can Lead New Battle Havoc! Fantasy Armies


Seb Games, as well as working on Urban War, have also been showing off a new hero for use in their Fantasy wargame, Battle Havoc! Here we have Oisin The Vanquisher who looks like a mighty barbarian leader ready to unleash his fury on his enemies.

Expand Your Urban War Teams With Assault Booster Sets


Seb Games have released some more Urban Wars miniatures for you to scoop up as they relaunch the game and get ready for the new edition dropping next year. Get your hands on some more 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures with Assault Boosters for a variety of different factions.

Old-School 90’s Gaming Magic! Relive It Today With Urban War #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! In this week's Weekender we have a chat about a 90s old-school gaming classic that could end up helping is relive the 90s and that epic wargaming magic. Could Urban War help us relive it today in the here and now? We also take a look at an immense range of miniatures from SolGood Creations over on Kickstarter that should be a collector's dream!

Sci-Fi Wargame, Urban War Returns To Tabletops With Seb Games


Seb Games has reached an agreement with Scotia Grendel to bring the world of Urban War back to the tabletop. The 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures will be available through both outlets for now and there are plans to take Urban War further in 2024!

Soviet Scouts Join Seb Games’ Commando Strike Collection


Seb Games has dusted off some old sculpts and made them available as part of their 20mm Commando Strike range. If you're looking to plot the route for your army in World War II then how about these Soviet Scouts?

Pre-Order Seb Games’ New Exo Alliance ’42 Starter Set


Seb Games are now taking pre-orders for their new Starter Set for the game Exo Alliance '42. This is a game where World War II gets weird and you can throw some Pulpy Sci-Fi elements into the midst of your Historical armies from the period.

Engage! Star Trek: Away Missions Sets Phasers To Stun Tabletop Gamers #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We set phasers to stun and get beamed up as we engage with the upcoming Star Trek miniatures board game coming from Gale Force Nine! The team are releasing Star Trek: Away Missions later this year and it looks like it could be a lot of fun to dive into, especially with the ways they could take the game in the future.

Pre-Order Battle Havoc! 10mm Starter Set, Battle Of Havökkia


Seb Games are now taking pre-orders for a new 10mm Starter Set for Battle Havoc! Battle Of Havökkia gets you stuck into this game with two full Fantasy armies and all the rules for clashes between the Saurisian and the Rattifolk.

Seb Games Release Beta Rules For Sci-Fi Wargame, Exo Alliance ’42


Seb Games have released a set of Beta Rules for their new Pulp Sci-Fi wargame, Exo Alliance '42. Designed as a fast-paced 28mm skirmish game, Seb Games are inviting wargamers to download the rules and give them a go so they can make them as good as they can be!

Woah GW! A New Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry Set Already? But Damn Sexy Miniatures! #OTTWeekender

1 year ago 29

It's OTT Weekender time! Another new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry Boxed Set has been previewed by Games Workshop - Sundered Fate. Has this come along a little bit too soon? It does have some nice miniatures though for both the Seraphon and the servants of Tzeentch.

Seb Games Go Hunting With Dwarven Herklan’s Foresters


Seb Games has expanded their range of 28mm Fantasy miniatures for Battle Havoc! and plenty of other wargames besides. A new range of Dwarves have been added into the mix in the form of Herklan's Foresters. 

Seb Games Brings Squad Tactics To Void 1.1


Void 1.1 is an old game with a great pedigree so much so that Seb Games took the license from Scotia Grendal to not just produce the miniatures but to revisit the rules and grow the game once more.

Get Us To 100K Subs & WIN 40K Kill Team: Octarius PLUS What We Think Of The Box Set! #OTTWeekender

2 years ago 53

It's OTTWeekender Time! Win Kill Team: Octarius and get us to 100k subs PLUS He-Man Vs Skeletor on the tabletop in Masters Of The Universe: Fields Of Eternia!

Seb Games Preview The New Battle Havoc! BattleBox


Seb Games has been tinkering away on Battle Havoc! for a while now but they are also working on a new BattleBox! to get you started in their Fantasy wargame. Take a peek at what's included as part of the 28mm offering.

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