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TTCombat Takes On The Relics World From Tor Gaming


TTCombat is fast becoming the saviours of a lot of games at the moment as they announced they were now the new owners of the world of Relics, created by Tor Gaming.

Tor Gaming Is Closing Its Doors


Read their full statement

Ridend Dragons & The Creepy Vesparther Coming To Relics Soon


Tor Gaming is adding some big creatures to their collection for Relics. The Ridend are getting themselves the Dragon's Breath soon, with the model available to pre-order.

New Britanan & Nuem Rules & Models Pop Up For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming has moved two new models and their profiles into the realm of the Public Beta for you to check out in Relics. Here we have the new models, the Nuem Insanis and the Britanan Bagpiper.

Thamos Sends His Tentacles Writhing Into The World Of Relics


Tor Gaming has more eerie additions to the world of Relics writhing their way onto the tabletop soon. Reaching out to ensnare you they have designed up the Barbs and Thorns of Thamos.

Relic’s C’thu Prime & Hunters Pre-Orders Up From Tor Gaming


The pre-orders for Tor Gaming's C'thu Prime and C'thunian Hunters is still up for the world of Relics. If you're looking for a dangerous beast and some creepy hunters to add into the mix take a closer look!

UPDATED* Black Friday Bonanza – Collecting Together The Deals!


It's that time of year again as everyone gets utterly obsessed with Black Friday and we need YOUR help!

Tor Gaming Open Up Pre-Orders For The C’thu In Relics!


Tor Gaming has now begun to add the C'thu to their webstore allowing you to bring them into the world of Relics. The Starter Set sets the stage for their invasion!

Tor Gaming Tinker With The Latest Relics 2.0 Rules Download


Tor Gaming have put together another update for their 2nd Edition Relics rules.

Tor Gaming Reveal Relics’ False King Of The Goblins


Tor Gaming have now revealed the full miniature that will become the False King Of The Goblins in Relics!

A False King Teased For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have teased a new model and a dark secret for the world of Relics. The False King of the Goblins is coming soon and we can't wait to see what else is revealed about him.

The C’thu Take Shape & Concept Art Springs Up For Tor Gaming’s Relics


The folks at Tor Gaming ran a Kickstarter not too long ago to fund one of their new factions, the C'thu and they have some new previews for you to check out.

Relics 2nd Edition Beta – Rule Updates & More


Relics 2nd Edition Beta is turning out fantastic results and we've gotten together along with Gav from Tor Gaming to sit down and discuss what new updates have been brought into the world of Relics.

The Ridend Duke Takes Shape For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have now shown off the sculpt of the Ridend Duke that is going to be heading off to the mould maker allowing it to go into production.

Weekender: Printable Scenery Interview – The Future Of Terrain Building?


We Explore The Relics 2nd Edition Beta With The Creator


With Relics from Tor Gaming going through it's 2nd edition beta we thought it would be a great time to do a series of videos with Gavin Moorcroft the creator to get an in-depth look at how the game is evolving.

Exclusive! Tor Gaming Share Preview Of The Ridend Duke On Kapolop


Tor Gaming have shared with us a fantastic little preview for the Ridend - which have become a real favourite from the world of Relics. Here we have their Ridend Duke who is mounted on a Kapolop and looks ready for battle!

Vaettir Brocken Now On Tor Gaming’s Webstore


Tor Gaming have now added the latest creature to the Vaettir cause to their webstore. The Brocken are amalgamations of rock and earth that now serve the Vaettir...

Crystalline Vaettir Monsters Stomp Into Tor Gaming’s Relics


The folks at Tor Gaming have been teasing these creations for weeks now and finally we get a look at how the models for these additions to the Vaettir have been turning out in Relics.

The C’thu Take Shape For Relics By Tor Gaming


Tor Gaming have shown off some of the updated renders for some of their creatures in the world of Relics. The C'thu are taking form and they will be swarming into our reality to cause terror. Will you be fighting against them or with them?

Tor Gaming Begin Relics 2nd Edition Beta Testing


Tor Gaming are now at the stage where they are looking to test the Relics 2nd Edition Rules which are currently in Beta. You can download the main rules HERE as well as Britanan, Nuem, Vaettir and Ridend faction packs...

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming’s C’thu


It's time for a jam packed Saturday morning as we have an interview with Alessio Cavatore about upcoming projects. Plus there's a chat with Tor Gaming about the progress of their C'thu Kickstarter and we get stuck into looking at some of the painting from the community...

Tor Gaming’s C’thu Kickstarter Now Customs Friendly + Big New Prime!


Tor Gaming's C'thu Faction Kickstarter is now Customs Friendly meaning that wherever you are in the world you wont be facing a terrible customs charge at the end of it. On top of that shipping charges have also gone down as well.

Weekender: Mantic Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets


Tor Gaming’s C’thu Relics Campaign Breaking Stretch Goals


Tor Gaming have been doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter with their C'thu Kickstarter which will be bringing a new faction to the world of Relics. Check out what's in the Starter Set and also what some of the stretch goals have been...

Tor Gaming’s C’thu Kickstarter Hitting January 5th


To announce the date of the Tor Gaming C'thu Kickstarter to bring a new faction to Relics the team had a rather nice piece of artwork done by Christian Schwager. Watch out on January 5th as that is when the madness will strike...

Tor Gaming Show Off The Full C’thu Starter Set For Relics


Tor Gaming have now shared the full Starter Set details for the C'thu who are coming to Relics next year via a Kickstarter project. You can see the renders showing off the full cadre of creepiness that will be threatening your sanity and your mortal soul...

The C’thunian Warriors Rise To Fight In Tor Gaming’s Relics


The 3D render work for the C'thunian Warriors that will be part of a new faction in Tor Gaming's Relics have hit the internet. See what you think of these tentacle-faced creeps with their strange eldritch weapons and armour...

The Prime C’thu Slithers Into Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have show off another piece of concept art for their upcoming C'thu faction in Relics. This time around it looks like we're getting a peek at the one that leads these other creatures into battle. See what you think of the creepy Prime...

More C’thu Creatures Are Previewed For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have shown off a few more preview sketches of what is coming soon to Kickstarter with their new faction for Relics, the C'thu. See what you think of the Hounds of Cantaaris and the Children of Niropth...

Exclusive: Check Out Britanan Rangers & Ridend Peasants For Relics


Tor Gaming have sent us some neat images of upcoming models as part of the Relics line-up. Both the Britanan Rangers and the Ridend Peasants are going to be available towards the end of January and beginning of February in 2016.

The C’Thu Are Coming To Tor Gaming’s Relics Soon


Tor Gaming have shared some teaser artwork of the new C'thu models that are going to be coming to Relics soon to terrify the rest of the warbands. See what you make of the snippets we've seen so far...

Exclusive! Tor Gaming Show Off Relic’s Maverick Mike


Tor Gaming have given us a bit of an exclusive with a look at some new models for Relics. See what you think of Maverick Mike and the Maverick Boys who will be hitting the tabletop soon...

Ladies Of The Court & Machines Coming To Relics


Tor Gaming have previewed some more of the models coming to their Relics tabletop game soon. One of these is an additional model for the Ridend, the Lady Of The Court and the other is the Auxilium Equites which is a very strange contraption indeed.

Three New Ridend Models Pop Up For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have shown off a few new packs which will be available for the Ridend faction in Relics. Not only are they getting a new version of the Baron but a Retinue set AND the superb Dragon Tower...

The Ridend Of Tor Gaming’s Relics Now Available For Pre-Order


If you've been waiting patiently for the release of the Ridend for Tor Gaming's Relics then your wait is nearly over. The faction is now up for pre-order so head on in and check out the Archers, Foot Knights, Kapolop Knights and the Starter Set...

The Ridend Begin To Ride Out For Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming have shown off some of the finished metal models for the new Ridend Faction that is coming for Relics. See what you think of these valiant knights below...

New Starter Sets On The Way For Tor Gaming’s Relics Next Week


See what the new look Starter Sets are going to be for Relics by Tor Gaming as they start launching next week on their webstore.

The Ridend Kapolop Knights Ride Into Tor Gaming’s Relics


Ride out with an array of cute (and deadly) looking knights from the Ridend faction in Tor Gaming's Relics.

Make Way For A Baron of Relics’ Ridend By Tor Gaming


The latest renders for Relics' new faction the Ridend have brought to us the leaders of this honourable medieval race. Leading from the front you can now find the Barons of Ridend.

Tor Gaming Preview Their Feudal Ridend In New Renders


Tor Gaming are working on a new faction of goblinoid miniatures named the Ridend who are getting ready to go medieval on the enemy's backside.

The Nuem Ruina Stomps It’s Way Into Tor Gaming’s Relics


Tor Gaming unleash something deadly and brutal into the world of Relics with the hulking Nuem Ruina!

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