Bring Bram Stoker’s Dracula To Life With 7TV’s New Kickstarter

November 1, 2022 by brennon

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Crooked Dice has arrived back on Kickstarter with a brand new 7TV project for you to dive into. This one is horror themed and has you telling the tales of Bram Stoker's Dracula with a new Programme Guide and set of miniatures.

7TV Dracula Kickstarter - Crooked Dice

7TV Dracula Kickstarter // Crooked Dice

At the core of this new Kickstarter is the Programme Guide which allows you to play out the clashes between Count Dracula and a band of vampire hunters who have had a strange fate thrust upon them. You'll be able to explore Transylvania, Whitby, the Westenra Tomb, Carfax Abbey and Castle Dracula over the course of a series of scenarios inspired by the horror novel.

PDF Pledge - 7TV Dracula

PDF Pledge // 7TV Dracula

This is obviously bundled together with the core rules for 7TV meaning that you can get started with a great Pulp skirmish game that has you recreating an awesome "TV Show" on the tabletop. The Programme Guide, Core Rules and the additional cards and tokens that help with your gaming are then joined by a new set of miniatures!

Miniature Only Pledge - 7TV Dracula

Miniature Only Pledge // 7TV Dracula

All of the miniatures are metal and showcase the main characters of the Dracula story. You've got Dracula himself and Van Helsing set against him. Helping out you've then got Dr Seward, Harker, Holmwood and Quincey. Mina Murray also gets stuck in and poor Lucy Westenra has got a bit bitey!

You can go up a level throughout the Kickstarter campaign and get everything bundled together if you like. The presentation is lovely in this kit, packed into a VHS case and with stunning artwork and design work going into the cards.

Producer Pledge - 7TV Dracula

Producer Pledge // 7TV Dracula

Dave Needham has had a hand in the artwork here and one of the additionally awesome things that they have included in the mix is an introduction by Dacre Stoker! Yes, the author and great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker has been invited to contribute to the project.

You can also go totally All-In and get your hands on a whole host of miniatures, gubbins, rules and more. This pledge option introduces the additional Stretch Goals unlocked during the course of the campaign.

All-In Pledge - 7TV Dracula

All-In Pledge // 7TV Dracula

The team at Crooked Dice has done a sterling job on this collection once again. I think they have nailed the collection of miniatures in particular for this range and I can see a lot of people snapping these up even if they don't use them for 7TV.

Make sure to go and check out the Kickstarter Page for more information and learn a bit more about Crooked Dice and what they do. Edge Hill University have been involved once more, helping with the creative process when it comes to game design and bringing this to life.

Are you going to be taking a bite out of this Kickstarter?

"All of the miniatures are metal and showcase the main characters of the Dracula story..."

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