Keep An Eye Out For DragonStrike By Fighting Hedgehog!

October 24, 2023 by brennon

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Fighting Hedgehog are still preparing for the launch of their DragonStrike Kickstarter next year and their new website is up and running, giving you a taste of what's coming as part of this dragon combat tabletop game.

DragonStrike Cover - Fighting Hedgehog

DragonStrike // Fighting Hedgehog

One of the neat bits of news from the last few days was getting to see the full cover art for DragonStrike. This comes from renowned artist Maestro Ciruelo and looks awesome, properly capturing the clash between dragons and their riders.

For those not in the know, DragonStrike is a game for two to four players where you take control of either Chromatic or Metallic Dragons and battle for supremacy in one-off games or as part of a longer campaign. Inspired by the D&D lore, you'll find yourself encountering familiar names like the deadly Tiamat and more!

Dragons - DragonStrike

Dragons // DragonStrike

The game plays out across a hex-based map and you'll have to marshal your skills and choose the right cards to play at the right time in order to dominate the tabletop and win your games. There is a neat system in place where your moves and the combination in which you play them inform how much stress your dragon takes in the heart of combat. Do you pull off a deadly manoeuvre in order to get into the right place to land that perfect strike or do you take a more measured approach?

Watch out for more from us when it comes to DragonStrike in the near future and in the meantime, get a look at another of the dragons that they have been working on, Dark Dsurion.

Dark Dsurion Render - DragonStrike

Dark Dsurion Render // DragonStrike

It should be noted that when you get the game, you're actually going to get pre-painted dragons so you simply have to crack the game out of the box, pop some components and you'll be able to get playing.

I've had a chance to play DragonStrike and so far, I'm really liking it. The core mechanics are easy enough to get your head around but there is much more tactical depth included once you throw in different scenarios and your DragonRiders as well.

Find more details on DragonStrike on their main website plus over on Facebook. You can also head over to Kickstarter and make sure you've got your notifications turned on so you know when the campaign goes live.

Are you eager to snag DragonStrike when it comes to Kickstarter next year?

"I've had a chance to play DragonStrike and so far, I'm really liking it..."

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