Weekender: Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarting Soon & Grab Tickets For The 40K Hobby Weekend!

June 22, 2019 by brennon

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Come and join us for another deep dive into the tabletop world with The Weekender as we're getting stuck into all sorts of goodness from the industry this week.

Weekender: Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarting Soon & Grab Tickets For The 40K Hobby Weekend!

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We've got a jam-packed show with interviews, news, Kickstarter projects and much more.

Updates + 40K Hobby Weekender

First off we're talking Warhammer 40,000. We've still got tickets available for folks to get involved with our Hobby Weekend in August (9th-11th), be it digital or otherwise.

Cult Of Games 40K Hobby Weekend - Visitor & Digital Tickets

Make sure you get involved as we're planning some awesome stuff for painters and gamers including setting up a massive new Apocalypse tabletop. If you want to find out how that plays, by the way, Becca Scott shot a How To Play video!

We're also talking about the Flames Of War Slow Grow League which we're running alongside Battlefront Miniatures. It will be happening during July, August and September with a global campaign launching in October where you can use those new armies.

OnTableTop is also heading to Historicon this year. Gerry, Justin and community member @oriskany are going to be visiting American for this awesome convention to see what all the fuss is about.

Mythic Games; What Is Super Fantasy Brawl?

You will have seen the epic trailer for Super Fantasy Brawl at the top of the show. Now we're chatting with Mythic Games about the game, the background and what to look forward to with the Kickstarter campaign launching June 25th.


We've also dived into some quick news bites from this week...

  • Astartes - Come and check out this set of awesome videos showing Space Marines at their best
  • Purge: Outbreak - A new expansion is now available for Battle System's Core Space
  • Star Trek Foes - Check out some iconic villains and classic series miniatures from Modiphius
  • Osprey RPGs - New roleplaying games are arriving from the team at Osprey in November
  • Warlord & Mythicos Join Forces - Could these new stores be the start of something awesome?

What caught your eye from the news?

Weekender: Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarting Soon & Grab Tickets For The 40K Hobby Weekend!

What's New From River Horse?

Sam got to chat with Alessio, Jack and Chris from River Horse about what's coming up for Pacific Rim and Hunger Games plus we delve into a wonderful roleplaying game set in the world of Labyrinth.

Could you see yourself getting stuck into this storybook adventure?


Two Kickstarter games for you to take a peek at today...

Which of the two projects would you back?

Competitions - Claim Your Prizes!

We're announcing the winners for the Para Bellum Wargames competition from last week where someone won some Mystery Sprues PLUS also the lucky person who got Escape The Dark Castle + All Expansions.

Make sure to head on over to Claim Your Prize and we'll ship these goodies out to you.

Have a great weekend!

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