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Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising


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The Contents Of Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest Mapped Out


Mantic Games have shown off a rough look at what's inside Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest and it's seemingly like an awesome package that is begging to be taken to the tabletop for some old school dungeon delving...

The Fires Of The Abyss Continue To Rage With Dungeon Saga


The fires of the Abyss are taking hold of the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter and there are some ace miniatures planned for the future stretch goals and those that have already been unlocked!

WIN Dungeon Saga Pledge For Free! (5 Days Left!)


If you join Backstage and back the Mantic Games' Dungeon Saga Kickstarter you might be in with the chance of winning your pledge for the sum total of...FREE! Check inside for the details on this campaign!

Demon Hunters & Demons Manifest For Dungeon Saga


A water dwelling hero and a fire-wreathed demon are the next couple of targets for Mantic Games as they delve deeper into Dungeon Saga.

Thrundak Splits Skulls & Hratth Breaths Fire In Dungeon Saga!


Check out the big bad guy joining the forces of Orcs & Goblins that will soon be running around inside the Dwarf King's Hold!

Orcs Invade Mantic’s Dungeon Saga & Wreck The Furniture!


Mantic Games have added a whole bunch of Orcs to their line-up on Dungeon Saga AND they have furnished their dungeon with some nice looking bits and pieces of 3D terrain!

Roll With Some New Dice For Mantic’s Dungeon Saga


Fancy rolling some themed dice from a themed bag while wearing a themed t-shirt for Dungeon Saga? I thought you might.

Dungeon Saga Welcomes More Goblins & A Mighty Cleric!


Some more goblins sneak into the world of Dungeon Saga and they're matched by the upcoming arrival of Venetia the Cleric!

Goblins & A Force Of Nature Come To Dungeon Saga


Will you pledge enough to unlock the rather epic looking Kapoka as an additional hero in the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter?

Another Pint Sized Halfling Hero Joins Mantic’s Dungeon Saga


See what you think of the next stretch goal for Mantic's Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King's Quest Kickstarter. Will this pint sized hero be on your wishlist of adventurers for the game?

The Dungeon Saga Welcomes Two New Stretch Goal Heroes!


Delve deeper with some new companions in Dungeon Saga. Will both the Paladin and Rogue help you in your quest to stop the Necromancer?

Zombie Trolls Mark The Next Stretch Goal For Dungeon Sagas


Delve for more stretch goals for Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf King's Quest as they aim for the £250k mark. Zombie Trolls and their master Hoggar are on the cards!

Delve Deeper Into More Stretch Goals For Dungeon Sagas


Will you be picking up any of these extras for your Dungeon Sagas pledge? Ghosts, familiar Wizards and a whole army of Undead are coming to the fore!

Dungeon Sagas Dwarf King’s Quest Kickstarter Now Live!


It's time to begin the dungeon delving. Mantic Games' new Kickstarter for Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf King's Quest is now live and you can begin pledging and descending into the dark to thwart the plans of an evil Necromancer! Update: You can check out some awesome High Res images of the Heroes & Enemies Within! + Stretch Goals

Fully Painted Heroes & Villains For Mantic’s Dungeon Sagas!


Check out the fully painted heroes and villains (at least some of them) from Dungeon Sagas: Dwarf King's Quest by Mantic Games!

Mantic’s Dungeon Saga 4th August Start Comes Ever Closer!


Mantic's Dungeon Saga continues to tease images showing off what's coming in terms of their heroes and of course the villains you'll be facing. See what you think!

Mantic Games’ Dungeon Sagas Crawler Teasers Begin!


See what you think of the first interesting snippets coming out of Mantic Games for Dwarf King's Quest, the first in the Dungeons Sagas series. I'm sure if the funding goes well on the upcoming Kickstarter it might indeed bring more adventures to the table!

A Screaming Banshee & Dwarf Warrior For Mantic’s Dungeons!


The final member of the adventuring party makes himself known. You can't go through a dungeon about Dwarf Kings without a Dwarf. Also, a deadly Banshee has made herself known!

Weave Spells With Danor The Wizard In Dwarf King’s Quest


Mantic Games have previewed another hero that will be putting down his drink in the tavern and heading off for adventure with Dwarf King's Quest!

Exclusive Look At Dwarf King’s Quest Dungeon Tiles!


We've been given a neat exclusive look at the new dungeon tiles for the world of Dwarf King's Quest (also Dungeon Sagas!) that's coming soon from Mantic on the platform known as Kickstarter. See what you think of these revamped tiles and of course a few sneaky surprises too.

VLOG: Mantic’s Ronnie In The Studio To Talk About Upcoming Releases


Hi Backstagers here's a short update for you to let you know Ronnie Renton from Mantic has been in the studio to shoot a set of new videos all about a range of new releases coming soon and he's been […]

Dwarf Kings Quest Is announced by Ronnie at Mantic Games


Big news out of Mantic Games by the one and only Ronnie Renton regarding their upcoming projects.

Jake Thornton Leads Us Down into Dwarf King’s Hold 4


Those of you who were lucky enough to be at Mantic's Open Day may have caught sight of the new developments for Dwarf King's Hold. Well over on his blog Jake Thornton has takes us through what we can expect from Dwarf King's Hold 4.

Dwarf King’s Hold 2 & Painted Warpath Minis Coming Soon


Adam grabs Ronnie from Mantic Games and gets a chat about Dwarf King's Hold Green Menace and upcoming painted minis for Warpath.

Darrell Delves into Ancient Grudge


Darrell take a look at the new expansion fro Dwarf King's Hold... Ancient Grudge.

Populate your Dwarf Hold with Mantic’s Dungeon Monster Set


Need some extra models to populate your Dwarf King's Hold?

Dwarf King’s Hold… in Space?


It looks like Jake is working on the next iteration of Dwarf Kings Hold... this time in Spaaaaace!

DKH: Ancient Grudge Artwork & Warband Deals from Mantic


Warband Bundles, Dwarf King's Hold Series Collections and our own Video Tutorials inside!

Jake Thornton Talks New Troops in DKH: Ancient Grudge


So with the knowledge that all the existing races trying to take over the Dwarf Holds are getting some new troops to help them do so, just what are they and why was it so important to include them? Check […]

Ancient Grudge Contents & Expansion Interview


Jake Thornton gives a bit more of a run down about Ancient Grudge and just what it expands...

Dwarf Kings Hold 3 – The Cover in Colour


Just to get you excited about the release of the next expansion for Dwarf Kings Hold... we get to see the cover... in colour!

Mantic Talk Dwarf Kings Hold: Ancient Grudge


Dwarf King's Hold is going Ancestral soon, check out the first of many videos!

More from the Warpath Launch Party


Taking a look at some more images from the Warpath Launch Party and condensing down some of the information from the day for all to see!

Reporting from the Warpath Trenches


Taking a look at what's been going on at the Warpath Launch Party here at Mantic HQ. Twitter failed, but as always you can't stop the signal!

Secret Mantic Creative Design Meeting you say?


A look at a 'Super Secret' document from the guys at Mantic HQ

The Future of Dwarf King’s Hold


Jake Thornton, author of Dwarf King's Hold and regular contributor to Beasts of War, gives us an insight into the future of his fantastic boardgame... Dwarf King's Hold.

Dwarf King’s Hold Sells Out!


We'll guys... it's official... following on from our coverage of Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace, the special edition bundle of this stonking boardgame has sold out on it's first day of release! There are still a few copies of DKH: Green Menace left, but they're flying ff the shelves... so you better be quick!

What’s Coming in the Future For Dwarf King’s Hold?


For the last of our Dwarf King's Hold videos this week we have Andy and Jake sitting down for a backstage chat about the future of Dwarf King's Hold.

Dwarf King’s Hold – Treasure & Cave Ins!


By now you’ve watched this week’s videos about Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace and read my earlier posts. However, there are two important new scenario rules: Treasure and Cave-ins.

Dwarf King’s Hold: Let’s Talk Orcs


Jake gives some insight into his decisions for Orcs in Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace

Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace


Andy speaks to Jake Thornton about the latest boxed set of Dwarf Kings Hold. Join them as they discuss all the cool new stuff... like Orcs and Elves!

Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace… an introduction


If you're already a fan of Dwarf King's Hold then you're in for a treat this week. Starting today, we've got some articles and videos starring the creator of Dwarf King's Hold... Jake Thornton... or as you may know him @quirkworthy Check out Jake's introduction to Dwarf King's Hold: Green Menace and some of the cool things you can expect to see for the game this week.

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