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Savage Core


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Snap Up Savage Core Beasts & New Rules From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has been releasing some awesome new miniatures for Savage Core 2 as well as the rules for the game. There is a great collection of beasts for their Pulp skirmish game but you could also use these for the myriad of other games out there like Frostgave for example!

A Pterodactyl Swoops Into Lucid Eye’s Updated Savage Core Range


Lucid Eye has added the first of their monstrous creatures to their Savage Core Monolith range which will be a new game penned by Space McQuirk! See what you think of this monstrous Pterodactyl. 

Lucid Eye & Space McQuirk Join Forces For Savage Core Monolith


Lucid Eye are now working with Space McQuirk on a new game set in the Savage Core called Monolith. McQuirk (of classic Warhammer fame) is going to be creating the rules for Monolith whilst the miniatures come from Lucid Eye and Steve Saleh. 

Shamans & War Jaguars Explore Lucid Eye’s Savage Core Jungle


Lucid Eye has been putting together some new releases for their Maxans and extended Savage Core collection. We start with the mighty Zomoc riding on the back of a War Jaguar. 

The War Of The Simians Begins In Lucid Eye’s Savage Core


Lucid Eye has introduced a new set of 28mm miniatures for those venturing Beyond The Savage Core.

Wow! Pop-Up Wargaming Terrain In Upzone Kickstarter + Biggest Dragon Miniature Ever? #Weekender


Easy pop-up wargaming terrain from Upzone, the biggest Dragon miniatures we've seen yet and a look at the excellent miniatures by Lucid Eye Publications in Indie Of The Week.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Submariners & Stone Age Wargaming!


Warren returns to us this week for Cult Of Games XLBS and he's got some interesting thoughts to share with us on underwater wargaming and Stone Age adventures. 

New Savage Core & Ziggurat Releases From Lucid Eye This Week


Three new releases are now available from Lucid Eye for those looking to add to the worlds of Ziggurat and Beyond The Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Go Adventuring On Ape Island With New Set


Lucid Eye has added another set of miniatures into the mix for their Beyond The Savage Core range. Here we have the Ape Island Set which offers up a daring adventurer and a raging ape who is seeking to bring him low!

The Vespans Buzz Into A Frenzy From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye are adding more minions into the mix for the world of Beyond The Savage Core.

Radioactive Fun Awaits With Lucid Eye’s New Releases


Lucid Eye has been adding a plethora of different releases into the mix for gamers this past week.

Mouok Mangod Takes Command Beyond The Savage Core


Lucid Eye is continuing to build on all sorts of additional characters for use Beyond The Savage Core.

A Neolithic Family Battles Beyond The Savage Core


A new Neolithic set has been added into the mix by Lucid Eye for those delving deeper into Beyond The Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Find A Bear In The Toon Realm Woods


Two new releases popped up from the team at Lucid Eye this week for both Toon Realms and Beyond The Savage Core.

The Comeback Tour Awaits For Lucid Eye’s Plot Device


Lucid Eye has shown off a few new releases which cover both their Plot Device range and Beyond The Savage Core.

Weekender: Make The Old New; Spring Clean Hobby Challenge Announced!


We announce a new Hobby Challenge for Springtime AND delve into lots more from the tabletop world!

Combat The Curse Of The Red Simians With Lucid Eye


You are now able to go and join Lucid Eye on their next journey Beyond The Savage Core with The Curse Of The Red Simian.

Lucid Eye Face Off Against Red Simians & Digital Demons


Lucid Eye has been delving deeper into a few of their different collections recently and one of these expands on Beyond The Savage Core as they introduce The Red Simians

Reckless Mutineers! New Cro Magnon Savage Core Release


Warlord Games have released a first look at the Cro Magnons from their Savage Core range, part of the new Warlords of Erehwon!

Pulp Adventure Awaits In Temple Of The Golden Heart


Lucid Eye has now put up for pre-order their adventure module for Savage Core known as Temple Of The Golden Heart.

Saul Roeder’s Keen Eye Picks Out Foes In Savage Core


Lucid Eye previewed another of the characters coming out as part of their new Adventure Module for Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Working On New Savage Core Adventure Module


Lucid Eye are working away on a new Adventure Module in the wake of Caverns Of The Frog King.

Lucid Eye Sculpting FitzPatrick’s Ériu & New Savage Core Models


Lucid Eye is working with Jim FitzPatrick, the renowned Irish artist, on another of his character designs. This time they are going to be creating Ériu in miniature form...

Lucid Eye Focus In On Savage Core As Next Big Project


Lucid Eye seems to be focusing in on Savage Core as their next big project after The Red Book Of The Elf King. 

New Companions & A Savage Age Captain From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has some new additions to both their The Elf King range and also the Savage Age collection.

Bronze Age Show Off Flash Gordon Models For Kickstarter RPG


Bronze Age Miniatures has shown off the range of awesome Flash Gordon Miniatures that were sculpted up for the Savage Worlds role-playing game of the same name.

New Strange Pulp Characters Hit The Tabletop From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye Publications have continued to build on their collection of the weird and wonderful with a new character for The Plot Device and some Savage Core: Age Of Ice warriors.

Lucid Eye’s Savage Core Prepares For An Ice Age With New Amazons


Lucid Eye Publications is going to be adding to the world of the Savage Core with some new Amazons. However, these warrior women aren't your typical jungle dwellers as they've had to wrap up warm for winter!

The Atlanteans Join The Fight For Savage Core By Warlord


The Atlanteans are joining the world of Savage Core from Warlord Games and Lucid Eye.

Warlord & Lucid Eye Delve To The Savage Core With New Characters


Warlord Games have shown off some more miniatures for the Savage Core universe by Lucid Eye.

Go Cro-Magnon With Warlord Games New Line


Warlord Games is developing a new line of miniatures and they show us the first samples.

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