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Cyberpunk & Fantasy Combo Shadowrun TTRPG Live On Humble Bundle!


Surviving through Shadowrun? Catalyst Game Labs have placed magic, cybernetics, horror and mystery to Humble Bundle for the next 17 days!

Shadowrun Down These Dark Streets Opinion


Shadowrun Johnson Dex Review


Shadowrun Shadow Stock: Lofwyr’s Legions Review


Shadowrun Rogues Gallery Review


A New Character Escapes From Shadowrun’s Beginner box


Catalyst Game Labs are gearing up for the release of the Sixth World Beginner Box of the latest edition of Shadowrun. To give us a glimpse of how characters will run, they have released a free-to-download character dossier; the human rigger Emu.

Catalyst Present The Full Line Up For Shadowrun, Sixth Edition


Catalyst Game Labs have previewed the run of releases coming out for Shadowrun, Sixth Edition, including rulebooks, sourcebooks, and various others pieces to help your games.

Return To The Sixth World For Shadowrun’s Sixth Edition


Catalyst Game Labs have announced that this year will see the launch of the sixth edition of their much-loved cyberpunk RPG, with Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Prodos Games Gather A Shadowrun Chronicles Gang


Prodos Games have joined forces with Cliffhanger Productions to present you with a selection of miniatures from the Shadowrun Chronicles video game as part of the Boston Lockdown...

High-Caliber Ops On The Way For Catalyst’s Shadowrun Crossfire


Catalyst has announced that an expansion is on the way for their deck building game, Shadowrun Crossfire. The expansion, High-Caliber Ops, will offer new gear, new missions and lots more, which will add a nice layer of variables to the already great Shadowrun universe.

Catalyst Games Bring Us the Board for the Shadowrun Board Game


Catalyst Game Labs are currently working on a new board game for the much-loved world of Shadowrun titled Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover, and are now showing off the progress with the artwork that will appear on the game board itself.

Shadowrun Is Returning to Kickstarter in 2015


2015 is right around the corner, and Harebrained Schemes has teased that Shadowrun will be returning to Kickstarter in the New Year! No other details were offered yet, but they did get everyone's attention!

CorSec Engineering Mark Up for Shadowrun


CorSec Engineering have come out with a new set of markers for use with the deck building game Shadowrun: Crossfire.

Steal Souls With New Shadowrun RPG Sourcebook


See what you think of this new addition to the Shadowrun collection, Stolen Souls.

Catalyst’s Shadowrun Tabletop Going Noob Friendly


See what you think of the change in approach to the beginning of your jaunt into the world of Shadowrun.

Catalyst Preview A Sixth Draft For Shadowrun Tabletop


Check out a whole host of previews for the rules in Shadowrun Tabletop. Catalyst Games are really pushing the boat out with this one.

This Year Prepare for a Shadowrun Miniatures Game!


Catalyst Game Labs have announced that this year is going to be "the year of Shadowrun." There have been a bunch of announcements regarding the popular tabletop game, not least of which is the upcoming skirmish game Shadowrun Sprawl Gangers!

Fancy Shaping the World of Shadowrun?


What do you get when you cross Cyber-Punk with Swords and Sorcery? Shadowrun of course!

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