Bad Squiddo’s Women Of WWII Soviet Russia Kickstarter Funded!

April 8, 2021 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games have smashed their target on Kickstarter for their Women Of World War II: Soviet Russia range. A brand new set of 28mm Historical miniatures are on the way; wrapped up for winter.

Women Of WWII Soviet Russia - Bad Squiddo Games

Women Of WWII Soviet Russia Kickstarter // Bad Squiddo Games

This new collection of miniatures build on the already extensive range by Bad Squiddo Games. A bunch of reinforcements are joining the fight for Mother Russia but this time dressed up in their winter clothes to keep out the Soviet chill.

Here is a selection of the miniatures that are available as part of this campaign but this is by no means all of it!

Command - Bad Squiddo Games

Command // Bad Squiddo Games

To save those of us who end up sticking their fingers together with superglue, most of the miniatures in this collection are single piece. They are also cast in lovely metal which means they have some serious heft to them.

Infantry With Rifles - Bad Squiddo Games

Infantry With Rifles // Bad Squiddo Games

If you're going to be diving into the likes of Bolt Action or Chain Of Command, these would be great miniatures to help start an army. You could go down the route of a full female army if you like or drop these in amongst male soldiers to get a good mix. Of all the forces fighting during World War II, the Soviets really did have quite a few excellent women warriors in their ranks!

Tank Riders NEW - Bad Squiddo Games

Tank Riders // Bad Squiddo Games

As well as the core of a Soviet force with your rank and file infantry, the team at Bad Squiddo has also been working on figures like the Tank Riders above. Now you can adorn your Soviet tanks with very, very brave ladies.

I also liked the addition of these female pilots, the Night Witches.

Pilots - Bad Squiddo Games

Pilots // Bad Squiddo Games

Whilst you might be thinking about playing mass battle games with these metal miniatures, I also like the idea of running smaller skirmish scenarios too. Maybe these Pilots have crash-landed in enemy territory and you need to get in and rescue them before the Germans find them!

Kickstarter Add-Ons

As well as backing the new miniatures, you can also pick up the existing Soviet range in their Summer uniforms. As you can see, they were not lying when they said they had an extensive collection.

Add-Ons #1 - Bad Squiddo Games

Add-Ons // Bad Squiddo Games

You can also go beyond miniatures and pick up these terrain sets which would be perfect for adding character to a World War II tabletop.

Add-Ons #2 - Bad Squiddo Games

Add-Ons // Bad Squiddo Games

Hide behind those walls and fences and make sure you keep out of sight as German patrols roll down the road! There is plenty more to check out as part of this campaign so make sure to go and take a peek at the packages available to backers.

Are you tempted to pick these up for your World War II wargames?

"...make sure to go and take a peek at the packages available to backers"

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