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November 28, 2019 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games are now on Kickstarter with a project looking to produce a selection of models for the Women Of WWII. They are getting stuck in with the British Home Front and a selection of characters for use in your games and hobby projects.

Women Of WWII British Home Front - Bad Squiddo Games

This new collection of models has been sculpted by a range of different people including Alan Marsh, Rob Macfarlane, Ristul Ristulson & Jo Brumby and to begin with, Bad Squiddo are focusing in on five packs but more are planned if they raise enough money and look towards Stretch Goals.

Lumberjills - Bad Squiddo Games

Land Army - Bad Squiddo Games

As well as the Lumberjills and the Land Army which you can see above they are also looking to create packs for the WRNS, ATA and ATS so you've got a selection of additional miniatures which would be great for making up World War II dioramas and dropping into the fighting as well if you wanted to mix things up.

Stretch Goals & Add Ons

This time around the folks at Bad Squiddo have decided to go with a Stretch Pool instead of your traditional goals and as things move forward during the campaign the different targets will be revealed to those getting involved.

Stretch Pool - Bad Squiddo Games

As this is Bad Squiddo Games, of course, there are some fun options in the mix including Pigeoneers, Pigeons and Hero Dogs (everyone loves a good doggo). You can also pick from the existing range of options by them to use in bulking out your pledge and bringing together a force of women from World War II.

Women Of WWII Add Ons - Bad Squiddo Games

I like the idea of putting together a force of ladies who are watching the coast for invaders and have to end up dealing with some pesky Germans who thought they could take control of their coastal village! You could have a lot of fun playing out some alternative history scenarios and making use of these models beyond just dioramas and such.

Are you tempted to dive into this collection and pick up some different World War II models?

Let me know below!

"Are you tempted to dive into this collection and pick up some different World War II models?"

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