Face The Alien Hives With OnePageRules’ Grimdark Patreon

October 16, 2020 by brennon

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OnePageRules has another good dose of Sci-Fi goodness for you to check out as part of their Patreon for October. The Grimdark Future Alien Hives are getting the same kind of elite treatment that the Mummified Undead got as part of their Age Of Fantasy range.

Lord - OnePageRules

Lord // OnePageRules

At the forefront of this set of releases in 3D Printable STL File form, we have the Lord which is striding forward, ready to pull things apart. With those massive claws and bulging muscles, this looks like it could smash its way through a tank. I love the big alien head too which has that nice mix of Xenomorph, Dinosaur and Tyranid about its design.

As well as the massive Lord you also have the towering Warriors which could act as guardians for the Lord as it lumbers forth into battle.

Warriors - OnePageRules

Warriors // OnePageRules

These creatures are armed with organic weapons which spew forth deadly toxins and perhaps even energised bolts which have been drawn from deep within their systems. I do like the idea of bio-electrics being used to power weapons in some form or another. They are also well armoured in order to take a hell of a lot of damage.

You can also introduce these pouncing predators into the mix as well. The Snatchers here look like they'd be a good fit for a lot of different Sci-Fi worlds. I love that flick in the tail that they each have which you know needs to be painted up in a bright warning colour.

Snatchers - OnePageRules

Snatchers // OnePageRules

There are some seriously cool options coming out from the folks at OnePageRules which help to expand the Alien Hives army for use in Grimdark Future.

Alien Hives October - OnePageRules

Alien Hives October // OnePageRules

If you're looking for an alternative alien army for use in your games then I can't think of many that would get that predatory look as right as these. If you're interested in the previous Alien Hives releases then you can now get ahold of them via their MyMiniFactory Page.

How would you end up painting up these new creatures?

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