Delve Into Hive Secundus In New Necromunda Box Set

May 20, 2024 by brennon

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Games Workshop are expanding the ways that you can dive into Necromunda with a new self-contained boxed set and dungeon crawl, Hive Secundus. Delve deep in search of lost tech and battle against a terrible strain of Xenos foe.

Hive Secundus - Necromunda

Hive Secundus // Necromunda

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In the background surrounding Hive Secundus, it was once a place where learning and enlightenment sat at the forefront. However, Tech-priest Biologis Hermiatus decided to throw caution to the wind and begin work on his Genestealer research here, seeking to find a way to combat the infection and aid the Imperium. It did not go to plan and Hive Secundus fell into ruin, riddled with Xenos corruption.

The entire city was bombed into oblivion and levelled by the Lord Helmawr of the time and yet whilst that "solved" the problem and stopped the infection from spreading, many of the creatures that bred in the darkness still lingered in its twisted ruins.

This also made Hive Secundus a hunting ground for treasure seekers who were looking to claim some lost technology and also make a name for themselves.

Orrus Spyre Hunters And Caryatid Prime - Necromunda

Orrus Spyre Hunters And Caryatid Prime // Necromunda

Making up the treasure hunters, you have the Orrus Spyre Hunters. They are kitted out with some of the best weapons that credits can buy making them well-suited for battles in Hive Secundus. I'm sure there might be some enterprising Gangers out there who wouldn't mind shooting a Spyre Hunter in the back to steal that technology.

They are joined by the newly kitted-out Van Saar Tech Hunters.

Van Saar Tech Hunters - Necromunda

Van Saar Tech Hunters // Necromunda

They get new specialists with various new guns, equipment and skills designed to help them survive in Hive Secundus. If you're looking to embrace the high-tech side of the Warhammer 40,000 world then you can't go too far wrong when picking Van Saar.

Stopping you from getting close to that tech, we have the Malstrain Genestealers And Malstrain Tyramites.

Malstrain Genestealers And Malstrain Tyramites - Necromunda

Malstrain Genestealers And Malstrain Tyramites // Necromunda

Tinkering with the Genestealer infection had some terrible consequences and these Malstrain Genestealers have adapted to life down in the dark of Hive Secundus. They are absolutely alien terrors, hell-bent on dragging you off into the shadows.

The Malstrain Genestealers are backed up by their Brood Scum, made from an existing plastic kit and some new heads.

Brood Scum - Necromunda

Brood Scum // Necromunda

Governed by the will of their Xenos masters, they are willing to lay down their lives and bring low the invaders who have dared to delve into Hive Secundus. This is a great idea and a fun twist on the classic Necromunda tabletop clash.

The boxed set comes with everything that you need to play through a linked campaign. You can take on the role of the Spyrers and the House Van Saar Tek Hunters who are looking to infiltrate as far as they can and get out alive. Glory and datacores await!

Could you be tempted by Hive Secundus as a new entry point into Necromunda with a twist?

"The boxed set comes with everything that you need to play through a linked campaign..."

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