Last Chance To Grab OnePageRules’ January Patreon Bundle

January 29, 2021 by brennon

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OnePageRules are going to be closing in on the next round of Patreon releases for both their Grimdark Future range and Age Of Fantasy. If you sign up in the next couple of days you'll be able to snag the 3D Printable STL Files for January and be ready to build a Robot Legion or Saurian army.

January Patreon Package - OnePageRules

January Patreon Package // OnePageRules

On top of the welcome pack that you get for signing up for the Patreon, this means that you'll end up with fourty-plus miniatures to get printing right away. With 2021 now getting into its stride, maybe it's a good chance to try your hand at 3D printing and start a new army?

Here is a look at what's coming for both the Robots and Saurians...

Technomancer - OnePageRules

Technomancer // OnePageRules

Spider - OnePageRules

Spider // OnePageRules

Guardians - OnePageRules

Guardians // OnePageRules

Priest - OnePageRules

Priest // OnePageRules

Tyrannosaurus - OnePageRules

Tyrannosaurus // OnePageRules

Gators - OnePageRules

Gators // OnePageRules

Geckos Alt - OnePageRules

Geckos With Hand Weapons // OnePageRules

Geckos - OnePageRules

Geckos With Ranged Weapons // OnePageRules

It's worth taking a look at more of what OnePageRules have to offer as part of their Patreon and over on their Homepage where you can find the FREE basic rules for Grimdark Future and Age Of Fantasy.

Are you going to be getting involved and picking some of these up?

"Are you going to be getting involved and picking some of these up?"

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