Para Bellum Tease New Mighty Dweghom Artwork & Renders

September 21, 2018 by brennon

Para Bellum is delving into the history and the background behind the Dweghom, the third faction for the world of Conquest that they will be bringing to life soon.

Dweghom Main Text

Delve into this and explore what makes up the Dweghom. As well as this bit of background we also have some of the amazing artwork for the world that they inhabit too.

Dweghom #1

The artwork for Conquest is what really first drew me to their world and whilst I'm not exactly the kind of person that a mass battle game appeals to at the moment I do like the idea of exploring their worlds in other ways, through adventures and such...or maybe just picking up a few models to paint.

Dweghom #2

These cities look like the kind of place you would think Dwarves would exist but also with a bit of a cruel twist to them. The chains everywhere and the harsh rocks rather than polished stone.

Dweghom #3

As you might have seen in a previous preview for the Dweghom, the folks at Para Bellum are indeed working on a tabletop for them which will be seen at Essen this year.

Dweghom Digging!

Para Bellum Wargames also showed off some fantastic artwork and renders for the Dweghom.

Dweghom Warrior

These Dweghom are looking awesome. I love the fact that they, for one, have knees and the style of the armour is very much tied to the kind of architecture they live in. There is a real link behind the harsh lines of the homes and the armour and weapons they bring to war.

This is then seen in the renders for some of their miniatures too.

Dweghom Render

And, as if that wasn't cool enough, they also shared a little bit of a sneak peek at their Dragon too!

Dweghom Dragon Tease

Watch this space for more on the Dweghom in the near future.

What do you think?

"Delve into this and explore what makes up the Dweghom..."

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