Spectre Introduce The UKSF SRR To Your Modern Warfare Wargames

June 27, 2022 by brennon

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The British Special Forces are getting themselves a look in from the folks at Spectre Miniatures this month. A new set of models have been made available for use in Spectre Operations and your other 28mm Modern Warfare-era wargames.

UKSF SRR Squad - Spectre Miniatures

UKSF SRR Squad // Spectre Miniatures

I must admit, I wasn't particularly aware of the British SRR that you see above here. That seems to be in line with how they operate as they are apparently the more secretive of the organisations fighting in the shadows.  They are specialists in "Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Sabotage, Electronic and Cyber Warfare and other unconventional methods".

The squad has been designed to match Overt and Covert teams. One team has been designed as snipers giving overwatch whilst the others move in to secure objectives. When it comes to kit, the Covert team are armed with MCX Rattlers and Mp9s, very handy when you're trying to keep weapons more or less concealed.

The Overt Sniper Team are wearing their full gear and the shooter is armed with an IWI DAN .338. That all sounds very fancy and it is equipped with a thermal scope for getting a bead on the enemy.

This is another neat squad that has been designed for fun scenario play in Spectre Operations. The make-up of this set, with the Overt and Covert options, writes the scenario for you. One part of the squad has been sent in to secure an asset, maybe a foreign politician or target, whilst the others are watching over them, ready to take out bodyguards and mercenaries that might be moving to stop the team in their tracks.

Vroom Vroom!

As well as the UKSF SRR Squad, we also have the Razor Alfa that has been updated by the team at Spectre.

Razor Alpha - Spectre Miniatures

Razor Alfa // Spectre Miniatures

Whilst not a drastically new update, the Razor Alfa has been tweaked to match more modern designs. The main thing is the back seats have been removed to make room for more stowage and weapons. The Razor Alfa is often used to transport troops quickly into the right spot and/or weapons that need to be in tough spots to get a bead on the enemy.

This would be a fun miniature to use alongside those new specialists above, getting those snipers into the right spot so they can set up their overwatch.

Are you going to be snapping up the new UKSF SRR Squad?

"This is another neat squad that has been designed for fun scenario play in Spectre Operations..."

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