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Fireblarney's Seraphon Spring Clean

Fireblarney's Seraphon Spring Clean

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Saurus Knights

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
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I haven’t had the motivation to get around to publishing an entry on the blog for a couple of weeks, but the painting has been ongoing. I’ll be honest these tested my painting motivation as well mostly because of my incredible job at posing them into the most awkward positions for painting possible. I’d like to say this has finally taught me a valuable lesson about sub-assemblies but I honestly doubt it :).

Colour palate wise I’ve stuck with the colours I’ve been using throughout. For the Cold Ones I’ve gone with a Militarum Green contrast finished with an Elysian Green drybrush followed by a very light Ogryn Camo drybrush. I’ve forgotten what I used for what I imagine to be thicker spiny sort of scales around the necks and back ridges as at first I wasn’t overly fond of it but as I pushed through it grew on me and I forgot to note it down.

For the Saddles the underblanket is the Snakebite Leather again and the actual saddles are Shyish Purple. I had toyed with mixing up the colours slightly but ended up sticking with the one colour.

I have of course finished them now and moved onto the last unit for this project as it currently stands, the Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur. I’ll get some WIP photos up soon for it. The Carnosaur is not too far off being done then it’s just the Scar Veteran himself. It looks like that game with my brother should be happening in about two weeks time so I’ll very likely have a fully painted army ready to go. (Along with a full coat of varnish(His young fella likes to play too so generally rolls the dice for us, unfortunately he still thinks he needs to knock the figures over to get kills)).

I really want to highlight how much fun it is to do the feathers with contrast paints. Drop a blog of paint at either end and blending it just a dream. Can’t mention enough how enjoyable I found them.

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