Head Out On A Sweet & Delicious Gummyquest On Kickstarter!

March 20, 2024 by brennon

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How about rewarding your dungeon-delving heroes with something tasty at the end of a long hard combat scenario? See what you make of Gummyquest which is currently on Kickstarter looking to reward your tastebuds as well as your player characters!

Gummyquest Delicious Fantasy Gummies

Gummyquest - Delicious Fantasy Gummies

Gummyquest features 150 fantasy-flavoured gummies in one box split between adventurers, monsters, potions and dice. They are all reportedly rich in flavour and could well be just what you want to crown a campaign in the likes of D&D or Dragonbane.

There are twenty-five flavours throughout the set, all themed to match the dungeon-delving Fantasy experience. Each of the heroes has their own unique flavour and then you've also got a whole host of interesting-sounding flavours amongst the monsters that you'll be battling.

Pledge Options - Gummyquest

Pledge Options // Gummyquest

I am particularly taken by the idea of potions that are sweeties. Heal your character and get a nice sweet as a reward! Interestingly, fans of miniature wargaming and roleplaying games might recognise some of these "miniatures" that are available as part of the Gummyquest pledge.

Yes, these gummies have been sculpted by folks from Reaper Miniatures (Bobby Jackson) and Warp Miniatures (Alex Huntley). You might find it quite hard to eat the likes of that Red Dragon knowing that it was sculpted by one of the best in the industry! Still...it does look tasty.

As if that wasn't enough, there are Stretch Goals that are getting blasted through as you read this...

Stretch Goals - Gummyquest

Stretch Goals // Gummyquest

I see a giant and something very, very weird at the end of that track. I love the idea of mixing together awesome sculpting with sweets. This might be a fleeting addition to your miniature collection but at least you don't have to paint these!

Could you be tempted to go on a Gummyquest?

"Yes, these gummies have been sculpted by folks from Reaper Miniatures (Bobby Jackson) and Warp Miniatures (Alex Huntley)..."

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