Rules, Iron Horses & New Terrain Coming To Wild West Exodus

October 27, 2021 by brennon

With Wild West Exodus hitting the tabletop in a big way from Warcradle Studios and Wayland Games, a few extra options are coming next month in November. We start with the new Rules & Gubbins Set.

Gubbins & Rules - Wild West Exodus

Rules & Gubbins // Wild West Exodus

This set comes with the 3rd Edition Rulebook for Wild West Exodus, Action and Adventure Card Decks, Dice and more. You get all of the tokens and measuring devices that you'll need for example which is very handy. This is worth picking up if you don't fancy Showdown At Retribution and have lots of miniatures for Wild West Exodus already.

Wild West Exodus' Iron Horses

Forget wild horses, November also brings forth the Iron Horses in greater numbers for you to use in your games.

Iron Horses - Wild West Exodus

Iron Horses // Wild West Exodus

These miniatures were initially available in the Showdown At Retribution set but will be given their own box in November. There are loads of different options in this box for a variety of factions. You'll have variants for the Lawmen, Enlightened, Outlaws, Hex and the Union.

Outlaw Trailblazer - Wild West Exodus

Outlaw Trailblazer // Wild West Exodus

Each of the Iron Horses can be designed as a Blazer or Union Iron Eagle so there are lots of ways to take this kit, especially once you throw in the alternative riders. I can see a lot of folks wanting to snap these up for use in their games.

Visit The Promethean Complex

The last of the November previews comes in the form of the Promethean Complex Set which will be another BIG bunch of terrain for playing your games of Wild West Exodus.

Promethean Complex Set - Warcradle Scenics

Promethean Complex Set // Warcradle Scenics

Much like the set for October, this comes with loads of pre-coloured terrain that you can glue together and use in your games pretty darn quickly. All of the terrain is 35mm in scale so it's well suited to Wild West Exodus but I think it would also work in games like Warhammer 40,000.

The set breaks down into the massive Refinery as well as the Derrick, Forge, Walkways & Crane Tower and also two Mine Entrances. I really like everything in this set. I think they've done a sterling job of making a narrative set that would be a lot of fun to play on.

You have lots of interesting interactive elements to play around with here. You can run up and down the towers, throw people off them, appear from those mines as reinforcements and target those refinery stacks as objectives.

Are you going to be picking up more of this kit in November?

Disclosure: OnTableTop and its companies are part of the group of companies owned and operated by Wayland Games Ltd since 12/10/2020.

"I think they've done a sterling job of making a narrative set that would be a lot of fun to play on..."

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