Warp Miniatures Explore More Of The British Isle On Patreon

September 9, 2022 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures has returned to Patreon this week with more miniatures from the folklore and legends of the British Isles. A whole host of strange and wonderful tales can be told with these new 32mm Fantasy 3D Printable miniatures building on August's releases.

Beasts Of The British Isles Part II - Warp Miniatures

Beasts Of The British Isles Part II // Warp Miniatures

There are larger-than-life characters and creatures here as well as some that you've probably never heard of. We start with the Buggane...

Buggane - Warp Miniatures

Buggane // Warp Miniatures

The Buggane are the sea trolls of the Isle Of Man. As shapeshifters and magic users, they are not to be trifled with! As Warp Miniatures said on their Patreon, they were famously involved with the battle against the Irish giant known as Finn McCool who they forced to flee back over the seas to Ireland. An amazing miniature that nails that "seaside" feel with the fish and seagulls all around it. I am getting proper Trollhunter vibes from this fellow.

Next up, we go Fae with the Lord Of Faeries.

Lord Of Faeries - Warp Miniatures

Lord Of Faeries // Warp Miniatures

This fellow has been designed as a Fae creature that could either go down the route of being incredibly helpful and kind or spiteful! This particular Fae was inspired by the Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and I think he perfectly captures that cruel edge that most of the Fae have. He is otherworldly and uncanny which is just what you want!

Next up, we have my favourite miniature from this month's collection in The Green Knight.

Green Knight - Warp Miniatures

Green Knight // Warp Miniatures

I love the tale of Gawain and The Green Knight and it's awesome to see that Warp Miniatures has gone down the route of tying him directly into those old pagan tales as well as something classically Medieval. I love the nods to that Green Man heritage of the knight and the fact that they've given him an axe as well! He does look quite surprised to see someone though!

Another mighty creature of folklore that has found its way into the collection is the Lambton Worm.

Lambton Worm - Warp Miniatures

Lambton Worm // Warp Miniatures

Dragons and the slaying of said wyrms are common in the folklore and tales of the British Isles. So, it makes sense that one of them would make its way into the collection from Warp Miniatures. After being cast into a well by a youth, the worm grows and soon the youth who forgot it must take on the beast. There is also a tragic twist in the tale too as with all good folklore stories.

Lastly, we have the absolutely amazing Gef, The Talking Mongoose.

Gef The Talking Mongoose - Warp Miniatures

Gef, The Talking Mongoose // Warp Miniatures

Again from the Isle Of Man, Gef is a poltergeist-style creature that pottered around in farmhouses. He is known for his cheeky nature and the strange hijinks that he pulls on the locals. I had no idea about this fellow and it's always fun when you start to learn more about the stories told in strange corners of the land!

All of these miniatures are available to download and print from Warp Miniatures over on Patreon for the month of September.

What local legends and myths do you have of strange creatures and peoples?

"What local legends and myths do you have of strange creatures and peoples?"

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