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Warzone Powers Up An Orca & Is Set For Armoured Commander!

4 days ago 5

Power up all your walkers, tanks, flyers and more with the coming of the new stand alone expansion for Warzone Resurrection, Armoured Commander, in February!

Claim Victory in the Warzone Resurrection International Tournament!

7 days ago 4

At this year’s UK Games Expo Warzone Resurrection players will have the chance to battle and see whose corporation will emerge victorious in the Official International Tournament!

The Capitol Go Hunting With Their New Warzone K9 Squad

12 days ago 4

The new K9 Squad from Prodos Games for Warzone Resurrection has caught the scent and they’ll be hunting you down in no time. See what you think of these new pooches.

Warzone Resurrection Goes Multi-Lingual with Mega Decks

15 days ago 6

Prodos Games have got some exciting news for fans of Warzone Resurrection the world over as they begin working on translating the rules into multiple languages and plan on bringing players full mega decks for each of the factions.

The Cybertronic Armoured Chasseurs Bulk Out For Warzone

17 days ago 7

See what you think of the changes that Prodos Games have made to the Armoured Chasseurs for the Cybertronic faction in Warzone Resurrection!

Cybertronic’s Poster Boy Joins Warzone Resurrection

18 days ago 1

Prodos Games have two new releases lined up for this month, the first of which is ready to dazzle us all with his Cybertronic brilliance: the fifth megacorp’s poster boy, Pieter Diamond!

Prodos Make An Awesome Advert For Warzone!

39 days ago 7

See what you think of Warzone: Resurrection after this rather cool advert from Prodos Games!

Warzone Resurrection Sees Wave Two Of Its Monthly Releases

59 days ago 7

Bauhaus bring out the big guns and the Crimson Devils are on the hunt when it comes to Warzone: Resurrection from Prodos Games!

Prodos Show Off The First Wave Of Warzone For December!

64 days ago 2

Get a look at the first wave of releases coming this December for Warzone Resurrection as the Imperials, Dark Legion, and Mishima get some new toys!

A Whole Host Of Warzone Resurrection Previews Pop Up!

78 days ago 4

Prodos Games have shown off a whole host of different Warzone: Resurrection previews that are coming out soon! See what you think of the additions to a bunch of different factions.

Prodos Show Off What They’re Taking to Essen

108 days ago 15

If you watched the Weekender last week, you will know that Prodos Games are bringing out a new Bauhaus Starter set for Warzone Resurrection at this year’s Essen Spiel. However, it turns out that’s not all they have as they show off a couple of the other new releases they’ll be bringing.

Prodos Bring New Bauhaus Starter Set to Essen Spiel 2014!

115 days ago 3

The forces of Bauhaus in Warzone Resurrection will soon be rejoicing as a new starter set for them is on the horizon.

The Icarus Screams In From Prodos Games For Warzone!

127 days ago 11

Check out this rather awesome looking aircraft for the Brotherhood of Warzone: Resurrection! It’s quite the ace looking piece of kit and is swaying me towards this religious faction!

Prodos Draft You Into The Warzone Free Marines & More!

133 days ago 3

Check out some more awesome releases coming your way for the Capitol, Dark Legion and Imperial factions in Warzone: Resurrection thanks to Prodos Games!

Miniatures Both Big & Small Come To Warzone In August!

168 days ago 2

More mighty models come to the world of Warzone: Resurrection with the Black Widow for Dark Legion, the Guardian Oblati for Brotherhood and the mighty Iron Lady for the Capitol forces.