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Prodos Reveal New Warzone & Space Crusade Miniatures

3 days ago 31

Prodos have shown off a new range of products for Space Crusade as well as additional models for use in Warzone: Resurrection too..

Entering The Warzone – Understanding Rapid Deployment

26 days ago 3

For this edition of Entering The Warzone for Warzone: Resurrection we are tackling something Beasts of War community member siygess is having problems with, Rapid Deployment spam!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Rapid Deployment Countermeasures

26 days ago 5

We’ve explained how Rapid Deployment is used in Warzone: Resurrection but now we get the chance to show siygess how he could combat players who are using this tactic.

A Mighty Gigamek & Imperial Reinforcements Come To Prodos’ Warzone

62 days ago 4

Prodos Games have some neat looking releases coming out for December as part of their Warzone: Resurrection line-up. Kicking things off we have the utterly insane looking Raiden Class Tatsu Gigamek…

A Mishima Teaser Pops Up For Prodos’ Warzone: Resurrection

69 days ago 1

A neat render popped up over on the Warzone: Resurrection Facebook Page showing off a new addition to the Mishima cause by Prodos Games. See what you think of this image entitled ‘Banzai!’ below…

Entering The Warzone – Juggernaut Wall Smashing

75 days ago 3

It’s time for some brute force in our games of Warzone: Resurrection as we explore the wall smashing ability of the Bauhaus’ armed to the teeth Juggernauts. There’s a Imperial Commander holed up in a bunker and we need to root him out!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Taking A Bite Out Of Juggernauts

75 days ago 5

Justin may have found it tough going so far against the might of the Bauhaus Juggernauts but he has a couple of aces up his sleeve in the form of a pair of Imperial Greyhound LAFV’s. How will they get on?

Entering The Warzone – Controlling Minds With Valpurgius

117 days ago 3

In this episode we take a look at a hero of the Dark Legion who cuts an imposing figure in the battlefields of Warzone: Resurrection, Valpurgius. If his sword won’t reach you perhaps his Mind Leash ability will.

Entering The Warzone XLBS – How To Get Off Valpurgius’ Leash!

117 days ago 1

Valpurgius may be a tough foe to face but where there’s a will there’s a way and Rob from Prodos Games may just have that. He will be pulling the Etoiles Mortants from the Bauhaus sidelines to have a go.

3CU: How To Paint A Warzone: Resurrection Immortal – Part Three

118 days ago 8

Romain returns for the final part of this Warzone: Resurrection Painting Tutorial. The Immortal for Cybertronic is really taking shape and as we can see the final details on this miniature are looking fantastic…

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection – Brotherhood Starter Box

120 days ago 8

We have another Warzone: Resurrection Starter Box from Prodos Games to unpack. This time around its John’s army of choice as we take a look at the ambidextrous Brotherhood; the main line of defence against the Dark Legion.

3CU: How To Paint A Warzone: Resurrection Immortal – Part Two

124 days ago 4

We’re back with another part in the new series showing you how to paint the Immortal from Warzone: Resurrections’ Cybertronic faction.

3CU: How To Paint A Warzone Resurrection Immortal - Part One

3CU: How To Paint A Warzone Resurrection Immortal – Part One

131 days ago 12

Romain is getting stuck into painting one of the miniatures from Prodos Games’ Warzone: Resurrection – the deadly Cybertronic Immortal!

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection – Imperial Wolfbane Starter Box

147 days ago 13

If you have been watching our show Enter The Warzone and have been itching to give Warzone: Resurrection a try we’ve got a starter set that may pique your interest, the Imperial Wolfbane’s.

Entering The Warzone – Gassing Enemies With The Greyhound

159 days ago 3

In this episode we’re looking at a vehicle Imperials can use in Warzone: Resurrection, the Greyhound LAFV. This light vehicle has the the ‘Chimney’ Gas Cannon mounted on its tracks, one of the less common and very deadly weapon types in the game.