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Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Guardiani Oblati

9 hours ago 7

Rob from Prodos Games joins John for a Warzone: Resurrection unboxing where we look at the Guardiani Oblati of the Brotherhood. He’s also brought with him a painted pair to show off too!

Weekender XLBS: New Warzone Imperials & More Hobby Time

Weekender XLBS: New Warzone Imperials & Afterlife Previews

10 days ago 384
Weekender: Hunting In Prodos' AvP & Salute 2015 Wish List

Weekender: Prodos’ Alien Vs Predator & Inside Imperial Assault!

11 days ago 523

VLOG: Prodos Games’ Warzone In The Studio

13 days ago 20

The Trench Warfare board is ready (complete with Lloyd’s flags) and now is its time to shine as Rob from Prodos Games has arrived at BoW HQ.

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & Prepping For Warzone!

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & Prepping For Warzone!

17 days ago 118

Happy Sunday! We’re delving into
how much we were caught out by
April Fools Day earlier in the week
and then making sure we get
serious where we talk about
the changes coming to
Warhammer: Visions
according to Games Workshop…

Blink and You’ll Miss Warzone’s Imperial Special Forces

18 days ago 2

Another preview has appeared from Prodos for Warzone Resurrection. You have to keep an eye on this Imperial Special Forces mini as it is shown demonstrating its Diesel Powered Blink.

VLOG: Fun with Flags…and Lloyd

18 days ago 22

It’s an extra VLog for you lucky people as work continues at pace on our table for Warzone: Resurrection which means it’s time for Lloyd to unfurl the banners he’s been working on.

Find Your Way With New Warzone Wolfbane Pathfinders

20 days ago 3

See what the Pathfinder look like for the Wolfbane of Warzone: Resurrection. Prodos Games are not only showing off a new model but allowing you to win one!

VLOG: Building The Warzone: Resurrection Gaming Table

VLOG: Building The Warzone: Resurrection Gaming Table

20 days ago 24

It’s midweek VLog time here at Riverside Studio!
This week the guys are gearing up for a
session of filming with the folks from
Prodos Games for Warzone: Resurrection
and that means we need a gaming table.

The Chieftain of Warzone’s Wolfbanes Comes to Salute

22 days ago 7

Last week, Prodos previewed the Wolfbanes, a new close combat squad for the Imperials of Warzone Resurrection. Yet as imposing as they are they pale in comparison to their leader, who Prodos will be bringing with them to Salute this year.

The Wolfbane Come Out Fighting For Warzone’s Imperials

25 days ago 2

Get ready for some close combat fighting with the Wolfsbane as they start to become a fighting fit force once more for the Imperials in Warzone: Resurrection.

VLOG: Warren’s Orky Sub & Hobby Projects!

27 days ago 39

Welcome to your weekly dose of VLogging goodness where Warren has got into the swing of things when it comes to crafting his Ork Mega-Submarine.

Prodos’ Imperials Sneer at Road Safety in Their Necromower

28 days ago 1

Prodos have published another preview teasing a new miniature that will be available at this year’s Salute. This time the Imperials are getting a vehicle that many fans have been waiting for. Try not to get in the way of the new Necromower.

Prodos Give Sneak Peek At Grey Ghosts For Warzone At Salute

30 days ago 4

Head behind enemy lines with the newest additions to the Imperial army of Warzone: Resurrection coming to Salute this year. You can also win a unit of them thanks to Prodos!

The Voltigeur Walks Its Way Into Warzone For The Cybertronic

35 days ago 12

A big clanking walker steps into the world of Warzone: Resurrection for the Cybertronic in the form of the Voltigeur! Do you want to pick this up for your growing army?