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Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Armoured Chasseurs

6 days ago 18

Rob from Prodos Games has joined John once again for more super detailed Warzone: Resurrection miniatures. This time the guys take a look at an augmented and enhanced Armoured Chasseurs of the Cybertronic Mega-corporation.

Praetorian Goliaths and Imperial Life Dragoons Fight in Warzone

12 days ago 5

The time has arrived as the monstrous Praetorian Goliath, accompanied by his Imp, has been released alongside the elite Imperial Life Dragoons, ready to engage in epic battle in Warzone: Resurrection.

Entering The Warzone: Utilising The Enigmatic Immortal

31 days ago 4

We enter the world of Warzone: Resurrection as Justin and Rob from Prodos Games discover how to get the best out of the Cybertonic Hero the Immortal.

Entering The Warzone XLBS: Cutting The Immortal’s Life Short

31 days ago 2

You have just seen how Justin’s Cybertronic Hero can lay waste to some Brotherhood troopers but what can Rob do you ensure the Immortal doesn’t have it all his way?

The Imperial Life Dragoons Get Teased For Warzone Resurrection

38 days ago 3

Some more Imperials are making their way to the tabletop for Warzone: Resurrection with the Life Dragoons which you can see in the teaser video above from Prodos Games. These soldiers are battle hardy and specialists at urban warfare so keep an eye out for more on them soon…

The Praetorian Goliath (& Imp!) Coming To Warzone Soon

41 days ago 4

Prodos Games have shown off another of their new models coming to the world of Warzone: Resurrection soon for the Dark Legion. This time the powerhouse known as the Praetorian Goliath will be slicing his way through your opponents forces…

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Blood Berets

48 days ago 5

We have more Warzone: Resurrection miniatures to unbox with Rob from Prodos Games. In this episode we’ve got the Blood Berets, specialist troopers for the Imperial faction, ready for action.

Alakhai Ascendant Hits The Battlefield For Warzone!

57 days ago 4

The mighty Alakhai of the Dark Legion has become more mighty than ever before. Alakhai Ascendant is the new model from Prodos Games for Warzone: Resurrection and stands at an impressive 88mm tall. Talk about heroic proportions (or should it be villainous?)

Weekender XLBS: Future Boot Camps & Upcoming 40k Content!

Weekender XLBS: Future Boot Camps & Upcoming 40k Content!

72 days ago 164

Welcome to a Saturday edition of
The Weekender XLBS where
we’re talking about the
Boot Camps, Upcoming
Content (Warhammer
40,000!) and more…

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Seven

72 days ago 5

Read through Community Member siygess’ in-depth report of how things went at the UK Games Expo with a run down of his games and how they all went! What tactical advice would you have given him and his Bauhaus?

Entering The Warzone: Demo Game – Basics of Warzone: Resurrection

73 days ago 18

We kick off our new series delving into Warzone: Resurrection with a demo game between Justin’s Imperials and Rob from Prodos Games’ Dark Legion as they explore the basics of the game.

Entering The Warzone XLBS: Demo Game – Warzone Advanced Rules

73 days ago 21

Now we enter the Bauhaus compound for our second demo game. They are taking on the Cybertronic forces in this battle as we take a look into the more advanced rules of the game such as rapid and scout deployment.

VLOG: Prepare To Enter The Warzone (Resurrection)!

74 days ago 125

It’s the middle of the week so time for another update from BoW HQ. The Infinity Boot Camp tables are coming together for our guests!

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus Venusian Rangers

76 days ago 8

We’re taking a look at some more Warzone: Resurrection minis with Rob from Prodos Games. This time around it’s the rocket launcher wielding, skull masked Venusian Rangers of the Bauhaus faction.

Weekender: MiniWargaming Talk Youtube & Win 4Ground City Watchtower

Weekender: MiniWargaming Talk Youtube & Win 4Ground City Watchtower

79 days ago 315

Not only do we have
MiniWargaming Matt in the
studio talking Youtube and
Wargaming but you could
win yourself a 4Ground
City Watchtower!