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The Chieftain of Warzone’s Wolfbanes Comes to Salute

2 days ago 7

Last week, Prodos previewed the Wolfbanes, a new close combat squad for the Imperials of Warzone Resurrection. Yet as imposing as they are they pale in comparison to their leader, who Prodos will be bringing with them to Salute this year.

The Wolfbane Come Out Fighting For Warzone’s Imperials

4 days ago 2

Get ready for some close combat fighting with the Wolfsbane as they start to become a fighting fit force once more for the Imperials in Warzone: Resurrection.

VLOG: Warren’s Orky Sub & Hobby Projects!

7 days ago 39

Welcome to your weekly dose of VLogging goodness where Warren has got into the swing of things when it comes to crafting his Ork Mega-Submarine.

Prodos’ Imperials Sneer at Road Safety in Their Necromower

8 days ago 1

Prodos have published another preview teasing a new miniature that will be available at this year’s Salute. This time the Imperials are getting a vehicle that many fans have been waiting for. Try not to get in the way of the new Necromower.

Prodos Give Sneak Peek At Grey Ghosts For Warzone At Salute

9 days ago 4

Head behind enemy lines with the newest additions to the Imperial army of Warzone: Resurrection coming to Salute this year. You can also win a unit of them thanks to Prodos!

The Voltigeur Walks Its Way Into Warzone For The Cybertronic

14 days ago 12

A big clanking walker steps into the world of Warzone: Resurrection for the Cybertronic in the form of the Voltigeur! Do you want to pick this up for your growing army?

Prodos Offer New Service To Turn You Into a Mini!

20 days ago 14

Prodos Miniatures have launched an exciting new service that lets you place your head upon the shoulder of your miniatures to lead them yourself upon the tabletop!

Fight For Freedom With Ace Warzone Diorama Coming To AdeptiCon

26 days ago 4

Prodos Games are coming to AdeptiCon and they’re bringing a pretty awesome diorama with them as well as selling it on their webstore.

Warzone’s Timothy MacGuire Revealed In Full! Coming April 1st!

29 days ago 6

Timothy MacGuire appears in full from Prodos Games for his release at the beginning of April for the Imperials. You can find out more about him within and by following the links back to our previous teaser reveal!

A Sneaky Peek At New Imperial Character For Warzone Resurrection!

35 days ago 7

Take to the field of battle alongside the mighty and charismatic Timothy MacGuire as he leads the Golden Lions in a renewed attack on the enemy, especially the Cybertronic!

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Black Widow

50 days ago 15

Justin and Sam get entangled in the web of the Black Widow from Prodos Games as part of the Warzone Resurrection game.

Warzone Powers Up An Orca & Is Set For Armoured Commander!

65 days ago 5

Power up all your walkers, tanks, flyers and more with the coming of the new stand alone expansion for Warzone Resurrection, Armoured Commander, in February!

Claim Victory in the Warzone Resurrection International Tournament!

68 days ago 4

At this year’s UK Games Expo Warzone Resurrection players will have the chance to battle and see whose corporation will emerge victorious in the Official International Tournament!

The Capitol Go Hunting With Their New Warzone K9 Squad

72 days ago 4

The new K9 Squad from Prodos Games for Warzone Resurrection has caught the scent and they’ll be hunting you down in no time. See what you think of these new pooches.

Warzone Resurrection Goes Multi-Lingual with Mega Decks

76 days ago 6

Prodos Games have got some exciting news for fans of Warzone Resurrection the world over as they begin working on translating the rules into multiple languages and plan on bringing players full mega decks for each of the factions.