Dive Into Coop & Versus Conan; Monolith’s Red Nails & More!

January 17, 2024 by brennon

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Monolith are currently on Kickstarter with their new campaign for the Conan board game. Red Nails throws a new expansion into the mix with a new story to delve into alongside content that allows you to play the game cooperatively and in versus mode!

Conan Expansion Kickstarter - Monolith

Conan Expansion Kickstarter // Monolith

The campaign focuses on four new boxes that are packed to the rafters with new stories, adventures, miniatures and more. This then coincides with three ways of playing the game, namely a solo and/or cooperative mode, the classic adventure mode and the new versus mode where you pit heroes and their allies against each other.

As well as offering up new options for those who already have Conan in their collection, the King Pledge has returned to this campaign so newcomers can get involved with all of the Conan action. So, whether you're an aged warrior or a green fledgling, you'll have some fun ways to get in on the action.

Red Nails Pledge - Conan

Red Nails Pledge // Conan

When it comes to diving into the game, you've got the Red Nails Pledge leading the way. Inside here, you'll find five new heroes to play as (including a new version of Conan and Valeria) alongside a host of new foes to face and that terrifying beast!

Red Nails Expansion - Conan

Red Nails Expansion // Conan

This is the most requested story to date and it's finally getting some time in the sun. You will need the core box and stretch goal components to play this but if you've been avidly snapping up Conan-related goodness over the years this seems like the one to go for. You can, of course, get all the bits you need as part of this Kickstarter.

If you wanted to get into some competitive Conan then you've also got the Versus Mode Expansion that you see here.

Versus Mode Expansion - Conan

Versus Mode Expansion // Conan

As you might have guessed, this allows you to take notable heroes and villains from the Conan mythos and pit them against each other alongside a host of lackeys, monsters and more. The core mechanics remain the same with the use of the River Player Board but with a few tweaks here and there that help get you stuck into some bloody skirmishes. With so many different miniatures for Conan out there, there should be limitless possibilities when it comes to working out your favourite warband of choice.

For the collectors out there, there is also the Frazetta Box which comes with two new miniatures and hero sheets that have been sculpted to match the stunning artwork by Frank Frazetta. There is also a new scenario to play where Conan can charge into battle on the back of a noble steed.

Frazetta Box - Conan

Frazetta Box // Conan

If you want to pretty much go all in then there is also the Masters Of The Hyborians pledge which contains pretty much everything that you could ever need to play your games of Conan. With the refining of the rules over the years, the new expansion content and modes of play, it seems like this could well be the definitive Conan experience.

Masters Of The Hyborians Pledge - Conan

Masters Of The Hyborians Pledge // Conan

It also wouldn't be a Kickstarter without some Stretch Goals and plenty of them have been unlocked already.

Solo & Cooperative Stretch Goal - Conan

Solo & Cooperative Stretch Goal // Conan

Red Nails Stretch Goal - Conan

Red Nails Stretch Goal // Conan

More digital options have been included alongside a few miniatures and terrain elements to add to your games. I'm sure that more will be unlocked as the campaign churns on with the relentless fury of a raging barbarian. How very Conan.

Could you be tempted to dive in and pick up the new expansions for Conan? Did you miss out on previous campaigns and this is your first time?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Did you miss out on previous campaigns and this is your first time?"

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