Cryptozoic Remind Us Who To Call With Ghostbusters: The Board Game II

April 12, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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That's right! The Ghostbusters are back in the stand alone expansion from Cryptozoic Entertainment, on Kickstarter right now - Ghostbusters: The Board Game II.


Now fans can continue to tell the stories of the Ghostbusters as they battle the cranky forces brought forward by Vigo The Carpathian.

GB2 box & figs

The Ghostbusters are back with another episode of campaign scenarios around the second Ghostbuster movie. Slime is boiling to the surface in New York, bringing out the worst in people and the worst in ghosts. Who better to reign things in than your friendly, neighborhood Ghostbusters? Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston are back to battle with ghosts, gates and goo.

What's New?

Ghostbusters II adds new ghosts, new gear, and a new element to slime through the mood slime we all remember from the movie. Now the Ghostbusters will have to apply all new strategies when dealing with the ghosts as some require proton streams while others require the application of Ray's mood slime- some may require both!

GB2 vigo

This game also introduces new elements to be explored on the game board through Goo Piles. These piles of slime must be investigated by the Ghostbusters and who knows what you'll find in there!

GB2 ecto 1

It may be trouble, or it might just be the gear your team has desperately needed to deal with a problem spirit on the board.

Gameplay Basics

The basic principles of game play still apply in that each game is a scenario in a linked campaign format, where players essentially level up through game play and gain bonuses through their experience. Each ghost must be captured and then offloaded into the ghost storage unit.

The ghosts are entering the board from the spirit world through gates that are active on the table. In addition to clearing the board of ghosts, the Ghostbuster must close the gates to prevent further spirits from making their way into the city.

GB2 liberty

Ghostbusters II is a cooperative game, like the original, where each member of the team gains different and unique bonuses through the experience gained along the way, and they can help each other accomplish tasks. For example, a Ghostbuster can be slimed in the game when a ghost moves through them.

Though any Ghostbuster can essentially remove slime from themselves, they'd be giving up their turn to de-slime- where another Ghostbuster can use one of their turn actions to remove slime from another adjacent Ghostbuster. See? Teamwork.

GB2 cards

It wouldn't be Ghostbusters II without getting to ultimately battle against Vigo the Carpathian or seeing the Statue of Liberty walk down the street in New York, so backers can expect to see both of these things and more.

GB goo pile

If there's something strange, in your neighbourhood- who ya gonna call? (you know you're singing it)


Will you be bustn' some ghosts in Ghostbusters: The Board Game II?

"Now fans can continue to tell the stories of the Ghostbusters as they battle the cranky forces brought forward by Vigo The Carpathian..."

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