Weekender: Win Wild West Exodus Starters & THREE New Games From GW!

February 23, 2019 by deltagamegirl22

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Welcome to The Weekender where we're going to be getting stuck into some chats with Warcradle about what they've been up to and more from the wider world of tabletop gaming.

Weekender: Win Wild West Exodus Starters & THREE New Games From GW!

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Remember to get stuck into the comments below and tell us what you think of any of the topics we raised this week on the show.


We kick off with some updates as John gets stuck into an Oil War Hobby VLOG series. You can see Part One of that right now, giving you an insight into the armies he is going to be building and painting.

We also have Dawn & Gianna with us today talking about what you can expect from AdeptiCon this year including coverage of all the main seminars and more.


Let's get stuck into some news from this week...

  • Three New Games - We take a look at three new projects from Games Workshop
  • New Commissar - Did you manage to get your hands on the new Severina Raine?
  • Frostgrave Wizards - Would you do a Build A Wizard competition?
  • Rough Nights & Hard Days - We check out a new supplement coming for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play
  • Bat-Boxes - Which villain will you be playing as in the Batman Miniatures Game?

What caught your eye from this week's news?

Weekender: Win Wild West Exodus Starters & THREE New Games From GW!

Chatting With Warcradle

Justin got to sit down with the folks from Warcradle to discuss what's happening with their games, the shows they attended last year and what some of their plans are for this year too. It's a neat update on what they have planned.


We take a peek at two Kickstarters this week...

  • Into The Dead - Adapted from the digital game, PikPok look to bring more zombies to the tabletop
  • Alone 2nd Printing - In this Many Vs 1 game, you'll be trying to survive the shadows and darkness!

Are you tempted by these projects?

Competition - WIN 2x Wild West Exodus Starter Sets

We're hoping to get you into some Wild West Exodus thanks to Warcradle this week. As always if you have entered a competition before make sure to check the Prize Claim Form and CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!

If you are friends with one of the winners make sure to also notify them!

Have a great weekend!

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