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Atlantis Miniatures

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Community Spotlight: Zona Alfa, Eagle Dioramas & Steampunk Battles


In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into a Zona Alfa collection plus an awesome diorama. There is even a fun Victorian Sci-Fi Battle Report to sink your teeth into.

MiniWarGaming’s Own EPIC Chaos Miniatures + Don’t Get Foam-o! Ace Hard Foam Terrain! #OTTWeekender

3 years ago 42

It's OTT Weekender Time! We check out MiniWarGaming's epic new Chaos Miniatures PLUS dive into the awesome world of Hard Foam Terrain!

Print My Minis Bring A World Of Dragons To Kickstarter


A World Of Dragons is now available over on Kickstarter from Print My Minis, the creators of ranges from Atlantis Miniatures (now Blue Giant Studios). See what you make of these towering new beasts that come pre-supported and ready to 3D print at home. 

Atlantis Miniatures Release Their Stunning Wood Elves


Atlantis Miniatures has now released their stunning 28mm Wood Elf Fantasy miniatures onto their webstore! You can now (like me) work out how you could include them in your collection.

Cult Of Games XLBS: The Animal Army Of Farthing Wood As A Warband?


Come and join us for another dive into hobby and nonsense as part of Cult Of Games XLBS. This week we're joined by Gerry, Justin, Free and Ben once more. 

Atlantis’ Monsters Launch Their Print My Minis Venture


Atlantis Miniatures has launched a new venture on MyMiniFactory called Print My Minis. This is allowing them to take some of their existing miniatures and a few new offerings and make them available as 3D Printable STL files for you to use at home. 

Become A Big Badass Ogre Warlord With Atlantis Miniatures


Last time we looked at the models coming out of Atlantis Miniatures we took a peek at some of their newer Goblins.

Pesky Goblins Scamper Out Of Atlantis Miniatures’ Cave


Atlantis Miniatures have been showing off some neat looking releases for those who want to build up a greenskin force on the tabletop.

Weekender: WIN Kings Of War Starter Sets + Harry Potter & Marvel Show And Tell


We're exploring some gaming sets which have caught our eye this week from the world of Harry Potter and Marvel PLUS we're giving away some Kings Of War Starter Sets!

Weekender: FoW Campaign Launching Soon & Anarchy Airbrushing Skills!


Come and take a trip with us into the tabletop world with another episode of The Weekender talking airbrushing stencils, Flames Of War campaigns and more!

Needy Cat Working With Atlantis On New Skirmish Game!


Needy Cat Games has been working with the folks from Atlantis Miniatures to bring a new skirmish game to the tabletop which features creatures and characters from their expansive collection.

Atlantis Miniatures Design Fighting Fantasy Legends Characters!


Atlantis Miniatures has been designing some awesome looking characters based on the old artwork from Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

Atlantis Add Royalty & Critters To Wood Elf Kickstarter


Atlantis Miniatures has added a few new awesome add-ons and stretch goals into the mix for their new Wood Elf Kickstarter

Weekender: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites


We've got David Esbri of Devir Games with us and also community member Martin (aka laughingboy) today!

Atlantis’ Wood Elf Kickstarter Goes Live May 22nd


Atlantis Miniatures has now given a date for their newest Kickstarter project. The Wood Elves are emerging from the forest on Thursday, May 22nd.

Atlantis Miniatures Preview Their New Wood Elves!


Atlantis Miniatures has been showing off some amazing previews of their upcoming Wood Elf models.

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Lance, John and Ben as they guide us through another week of fab community projects.

Community Spotlight: Warlords, Fantasy Footballers & Howling Wolves


Howling wolves, masterful warlords of mighty legion and much more await this week!

Atlantis Return To A Time Of Mythology With New Bundle


Atlantis Miniatures have released a Mythology Core Box, collecting together some of their fantastic creatures and heroes from a time of legends.

Check Out Gorilla With A Brush’s Painting Tip Videos!


Gorilla With A Brush has done some sterling work on painting the ace Dwarves from Atlantis Miniatures and so they hosted a series of videos from him on painting one of the female characters from the set.

Community Spotlight: Minotaur Duels, Mars Attacks Heroes & Carnevale Characters

6 years ago 15

We're looking at a stunning diorama and some great character work this time around!

Weekender: What’s New For Drowned Earth & UKGE Prize Winners Announced!

6 years ago 106

UKGE Prize Winners to announce, a great delve into Vanguard Of War and Drowned Earth and much more today on the show!

Atlantis Rock The Mountains With New Ogre Kickstarter


Atlantis Miniatures has now begun their Kickstarter for some huge Ogre models. Come and take a peek...

Mighty New Ogres Previewed For Upcoming Atlantis Project


Atlantis Miniatures has previewed some more of the mighty Ogres that are going to be making up their new Kickstarter project soon.

Atlantis Miniatures Prepare Us For An Ogre Invasion


Atlantis Miniatures has a special Kickstarter on the way for fans of Monsters. They've done Giants, Dwarves and much more...and now they turn their hand to Ogres!

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!


Beasts of War 3rd Annual Awards coming soon! LIVE Friday 1st December 9PM, be there or be square!

Weekender XLBS: SAGA 2nd Edition; Our Thoughts On The New Rules


Weekender XLBS: Too Many Models; How Do You Deal With It?


Get comfy because it's time to relax and watch this week's XLBS.

Atlantis Show Off More Monsters Of Myth & Legend


Atlantis Miniatures have been showing off more of their monsters of myth and legend that are going to develop into a range soon.

Mythological Monsters Come To Life From Atlantis Miniatures


Atlantis Miniatures have been previewing some of the big models from their upcoming project which will focus in massive mythological beasts for you to use on the tabletop.

Big Beasties Appear Among Atlantis’ Dwarf Pre-Orders


Atlantis Miniatures have shown off a couple of designs for a pair of big beasts that are appearing for pre-order among the rest of their new throng of dwarfs.

Weekender XLBS: Dark Age Terrain Tips & New Flames Of War Edition Impressions


We've got some great hobby chat for you today and a look at some amazing community projects too.

Atlantis Preview Dwarven Female For Upcoming Kickstarter


Contrary to what Gimli believes in Lord of the Rings it appears as if Dwarven women do indeed exist. Atlantis Miniatures has put together this preview showing off one of the sculpt styles for their upcoming Dwarf Kickstarter.

Atlantis Miniatures Look Ahead To February Dwarven Kickstarter


Some previews of what lies ahead from Atlantis Miniatures have popped up on their Facebook Page as they showed off the Dwarves who are coming to Kickstarter in February.

The Goblin King Leads More Atlantis Miniature Minions


Atlantis Miniatures are working towards some final stretch goals as part of their 28mm Goblins, Orcs & Trolls fundraiser that is currently on Kickstarter. The latest targets include the likes of the Goblin King and his strange monstrous minions...

Atlantis Head To The Forest To Find More Trolls


Some more Trolls have been found deep within the forest by Atlantis Miniatures for their Kickstarter. You can check them out here alongside a new character model, the Orc Handler and his Hyena pack...

Atlantis Unlock Brian The Yeti & Goblin Adventurer


Atlantis Miniatures are still having loads of fun with their Kickstarter Campaign. The most recent unlocks have been both Brian the Yeti (named after the mighty Brian Blessed) and a great Goblin Adventurer, both of which you can see below...

Atlantis Unlock More Greenskins On Kickstarter


A nice array of new models are coming to the Atlantis Miniatures range. If you like the idea of a full on Troll army then this might now give you the models for the job.

Atlantis Miniatures Live On Kickstarter With New Orc & Goblin Project


Atlantis Miniatures have headed to Kickstarter this evening with their big project which is looking to fund a range of 28mm Miniatures. Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and more are all coming as part of this campaign and you can see some of their work below...

Atlantis Miniatures Releases More Pictures Of What Is to Come


Atlantis Miniatures is giving another look at some upcoming releases for their Kickstarter.

Atlantis Miniatures Assemble The Orc & Goblin Hordes For July


A whole array of new 3D work has gone into the Orcs & Goblins from Atlantis Miniatures and they've put together a few images showing off the warbands/sets as a whole. See what you think of them alongside some more terrifying leader models!

Atlantis Miniatures Coming To Kickstarter In July


Atlantis Miniatures have announced that their range of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and more will go live on Kickstarter at the beginning of July on the 1st. All of the models are digitally sculpted and in 28mm scale...

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