Weekender: WIN Kings Of War Starter Sets + Harry Potter & Marvel Show And Tell

October 19, 2019 by crew

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We're delving into a brand spanking new Weekender where we're looking at some cool goodies that we've picked up this week and delving into the news from the week too.

Weekender: Harry Potter & Marvel Show And Tell + WIN Kings Of War Starter Sets

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As always we want to hear more about what you think concerning all of the things we're discussing today. So, make sure to get your thoughts into the comments.

WIN 1 Of 2 Kings Of War Third Edition Starter Sets

We have some goodies up for grabs this week from Mantic Games. As well as commenting on content on Kings Of War Third Edition this week to get your hands on the new Two-Player Starter Set we also have TWO to give away as part of this show too.

Gerry has had a lot of fun playing this game and we'd love to know what armies you're looking to play as when the Third Edition properly launches.

Show & Tell - Harry Potter & Marvel

As well as that we're also talking two sets which have really captured our attention this week. Warren is very enamoured by the new Chamber Of Secrets expansion from Knight Models for their Harry Potter Miniature Adventure Game.

Gerry, on the other hand, is looking at Atomic Mass Games' new game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which we unboxed this week. Check out that video HERE and Ben's preview of the rules HERE. We're very excited to take this to the tabletop and build Metro...errr...New York for a proper heroic royal rumble.


We're looking at a few stories from this week...

What do you make of the news we've been exploring?


We're looking at two different Kickstarter options for you this week...

Which of these projects do you reckon you'd back given the chance?

Have a great weekend!

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