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Empress Preview New WWII Airborne For Arnhem Kickstarter


Empress Miniatures has been previewing more of Paul Hicks' awesome British Airborne for World War II that are going to be coming to Kickstarter early in 2023. This time around, we got to see some of the special kits including PIAT and BREN. 

Hopton & Waller Added To Empress’ English Civil War Range


Two new personalities have been added to Empress Miniatures' English Civil War collection. You are going to be able to snap up two characters and in many ways friends who fought on either side of the conflict.

WWII Airborne Come To Arnhem Via Empress Miniatures


Empress Miniatures has been previewing more of the kits that are going to be available when the Kickstarter lands for their British Airborne. Arnhem is filling up with Paul Hicks' British soldiers as a new set of WWII Airborne got previewed recently.

Empress Miniatures & Paul Hicks Working On WWII British Airborne!


Empress Miniatures are going to be working with Paul Hicks on a new set of World War II miniatures for use alongside your British. The XXX Corps of the British Airborne are going to be heading into the action soon over on Kickstarter.

Empress Bolster Their Vietnam ANZACs With More SASR Troops


Empress Miniatures has been expanding their ANZAC range for the Vietnam War with a new selection of SASR Troops. Two new packs have been made available offering up a chance to add some new soldiers into the mix when trudging through the jungle. 

Empress’ Brummie Mafia Get Stuck Into Some Street Crime


Paul Hicks' Brummie Mafia as they have now been named are now available to snap up from the folks at Empress Miniatures. The perfect set of miniatures for some Inter-War fighting on the streets of ol' Blighty. 

Empress Preview New 28mm SASR For The Vietnam War


Empress Miniatures has been previewing some more of the Vietnam War models that are going to be coming to the tabletop. Their recent previews have been focusing on the SASR and creating detailed miniatures packed with character and storytelling. 

New Arab/Berber Cavalry Charges Out Of 1898 For Beau Geste


1898 Miniaturas has put together a new set of releases for those interested in playing out your Beau Geste-styled games on the tabletop. A new set of Arab/Berber Cavalry are charging across the desert to clash with the French Foreign Legion. 

Meet Empress Miniatures’ New 28mm Birmingham Gangsters


Paul Hicks is sculpting up something new for the folks at Empress Miniatures. These new Midlands Gangsters are going to become part of the 28mm Very British Civil War range.

Empress Miniatures Send In The SBS & SAS For The Falklands War


Empress Miniatures has expanded their option for a bit of warfare during the Cold War period. Some new 28mm miniatures for the SBS (Special Boat Service) and SAS (Special Air Service) have been added to their webstore. 

Pick Up New Indian Mutiny Civilians From Empress Miniatures


The Indian Mutiny range has been the focus of Empress Miniatures over the last little while. A new selection of Civilian miniatures has been added to the collection, sculpted by Paul Hicks in 28mm scale. 

Empress & 1898 Miniatures Working On Arab-Berber Tribes


Empress Miniatures are soon going to be adding some of the new 1898 Miniatures Arab-Berber Tribes to their webstore. See what you make of these new 28mm Historical models...

Snag New Late War Tank Crews From Empress Miniatures


Empress Miniatures has been adding some new Late War options to their webstore for World War II wargamers. Three of the factions fighting during the period have been given Dismounted Tank Crews for use in scenarios.

Artillery & Cavalry Join Empress’ Thirty Year War Collection


Empress Miniatures has a bunch of new metal miniatures for those diving into 28mm Thirty Year War on the tabletop. Artillery and Cavalry have been added into the mix recently including a big ol' cannon. 

Empress Miniatures Adds Thirty Year War Range To Their Collection


Empress Miniatures has now taken the Thirty Year War Bohemian Miniatures collection, originally sculpted by Paul Hicks, and added it to their webstore! 

Empress Preview Upcoming 1980s Soviet Paratroopers


Empress Miniatures is taking the time to build on their 28mm Moderns collection with some more Historical miniatures. Early previews of some new 1980s Soviet Paratroopers popped up on social media that should soon be joining the range.

Take The Shot With Empress’ New MILAN AT Missile Team


Empress Miniatures has a cheeky New Years release for those diving into a bit of Cold War wargaming. Here we have a MILAN AT Missile Team for those playing as the British during this period. 

More Furry Hatted WWI Russians Arrive From Empress Miniatures


More OZ CLUB STP World War I Russians are available for you to snap up from the Empress Miniatures webstore. There are four new packs packed with soldiers to use during The Great War. 

Roll Out The Artillery With Empress’ WWI Gun & Limber Sets


Empress Miniatures has now released their World War I Gun & Limber Sets that you can use alongside all manner of artillery pieces from their expanded collection.

Rumble Across The Wild West With Empress’ Stagecoach!


Empress Miniatures is going to be showing off this brand new Wild West Stagecoach in 28mm scale this weekend at Warfare but it will end up getting released next week for folks online too!

The Fox Recon Vehicle Rolls Into Battle From Empress Miniatures


Empress Miniatures has released another new vehicle kit for those diving into the fighting during the Cold War period. Here we have the Fox Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle which replaced both the Ferret and the Saladin. 

WWI Russian Officers Join Empress’ OZ Club STP Collection


Empress Miniatures showed off a few new World War I Russians that you'll be able to pick up soon from both them and the OZ Club STP collection. Whilst we saw more troops earlier in the week, today brings a look at some Russian Officers.

New World War I Russians Coming To OZ Club STP Range


The World War I Russian range from Empress Miniatures and the OZ Club STP collection is growing thanks to Paul Hicks. A new selection of Imperial Russian Infantry figures are heading to war with a whole host of infantry at the ready.

A War No-One Has Played Before? Historical Miniatures To Get You Thinking! + WIN 40K Kill Team!


We check out some Historical miniatures for a war that no one has (probably!) played before! Do miniature ranges like these get you thinking about new ways to enjoy your tabletop wargames?

Empress Miniatures Sculpt Up New World War I Artillery


Empress Miniatures has been previewing some more of their World War I collection that is going to be releasing soon. One of the more recent pieces is this Artillery set for those playing as the British during The Great War.

Empress Bring OZ CLUB STP WWI Russians To Their Webstore


Empress Miniatures has added a range of miniatures sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks to their webstore. The OZ CLUB STP World War I Russian range in 28mm is now available for those that want to dive into some fighting during the period.

Empress Release Two New Packs Of 28mm Cold War British


If you're delving into the Cold War era on the tabletop then Empress Miniatures has a few good miniatures for you if you like the idea of playing as the British. Their BAOR (British Army Of The Rhine) line-up now has two new packs of 28mm metal miniatures to tinker with.

Add Empress’ Civilians Into Your Vietnam War Tabletop Battles


Empress Miniatures have now added their Vietnam War Civilian packs into the mix for those wanting to play out this conflict in 28mm scale.

Empress Introduce 28mm Navy SEALs To The Vietnam War


Empress Miniatures has continued with their releases for the Vietnam War period with a selection of Special Forces options in 28mm.

Empress Preview Upcoming Vietnam War Civilians Set


Empress Miniatures have dropped one more preview of what's coming soon for those diving into the Vietnam War period.

Jazz Age British Now Available From Empress Miniatures


Empress Miniatures has added some new British Infantry options into the mix for your games set during the period of Jazz Age Imperialism.

Empress Miniatures Pop New Heads On Their Viet Cong Troops


If you're into your Vietnam War gaming on the tabletop then they have now introduced a set of Viet Cong Heads for you to add onto bodies.

Drive To Battle With Empress’ Well Armed Model T Ford


Empress Miniatures has recently added a new Model T Ford to their collection of Interwar Vehicles.

Iron Duke Miniatures British Annex The Orange River Sovereignty


Empress Miniatures have two new releases from the vaults of Iron Duke Miniatures they are packs of mid 19th-century British infantry that can be used for what is delightfully called colonial warfare. 

Roll Empress’ New Vietnam War Recoilless Rifle Into Position


Empress Miniatures has added a new piece of kit into the mix for the US Army as they battle through the jungles and fields of Vietnam.

Empress Miniatures Build Terrain For The Vietnam War


Empress Miniatures has been showing off some new pieces of Terrain for those building up their tabletops to suit the new Vietnam War range which they have been adding too.

Empress Preview Early Work On 1980s British Soldiers


Empress Miniatures has been previewing some of the early work going into their new range of 1980s British Soldiers. There were a few very work-in-progress sculpts being shown off on social media recently but they might give you some inspiration!

Empress Release Four New ANZAC Packs For Vietnam Wargamers


Empress Miniatures has released four new packs of ANZAC miniatures into the mix for those of you playing out your Vietnam War battles.

Weekender: WIN Exclusive 40K Mini + Mythic’s HEL Raids Kickstarter


Today on The Weekender! Warren Meets Mat returns, we talk with Mythic Games about HEL: The Last Saga, explore a wealth of new Historical miniatures hitting the tabletop and check out tabletop paintball from eBoB Miniatures.

Empress Miniatures Offer Up WWII Nurse For Charity


Empress Miniatures has decided to do their bit alongside Paul Hicks to help the NHS during this trying time. You can now get your hands on their NHS Charity Nurse, a perfect fit for those diving into some World War II wargaming. 

Empress Miniatures Craft Their Vietnam War PBR Crew


Empress Miniatures have now added another teaser into the mix for their Vietnam War range. Here we have the PBR Crew for, well, their PBR. See if you recognise these particular characters...

Cult Of Games XLBS: Captain Gerry Needs A Uniform & Warren Longer Legs!


Another week has come and gone and all that remains are memories and of course the progress of our hobby, and yours. So join our social outcasts as they take a meander through the last seven days of hobby.

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