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Victrix Working On New 28mm Dark Age Early Saxon Warriors


Victrix Miniatures are heading back to the Dark Age with an upcoming set of plastic miniatures. Early Saxon Warriors are on the way for you to use in your 28mm Historical wargames. See if you can kick the ass of some Late Romans!

Community Spotlight: Being A Hobby Butterfly, Dark Age Saxons & An Italian Fleet


We dive into what it's like being a hobby butterfly, the start of a mighty Anglo-Saxon army and then a rather impressive fleet of ships for use in Victory At Sea.

Cult Of Games: A Cry For Control, Wargames Designed To Unleash Our Freedom!


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into a discussion on game design. Warren and Lloyd are looking for a set of rules that gets out of the way and lets you do what you want with your armies. Warren also goes ALL IN with the idea of using toys in wargames.

Community Spotlight: Star Wars Camper Vans, Vegetable Fodder & Space ‘Nam!


Come and join us for another awesome dive into hobby as we have a peek at a fun Star Wars vehicle, Turnip28 and a bit of Vietnam in space with some hunky individuals.

[unofficial Hobby Hangout] #159 All the tiny details


Late Roman Armoured Cavalry Thunders Forth From Victrix


Victrix are building on their Late Roman collection with the release of some awesome new 28mm Armoured Cavalry for you to use when building your Ancient, Dark Age and Arthurian armies. The new plastic kit comes with twelve miniatures that could represent your veteran cavalry adorned in scale and chainmail.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Lloyd’s Spring Cleaning His Balearics & Trying To Cheat With AI


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, the team returns for a Sunday morning catch-up where brother Lloyd is finally allowed to show off his Balearics that he was whipping out in public in between being the filling in a com spot sandwich!

Armies For The Greatest Wars In History? Victrix Nail Their Historical Miniatures! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at a creator who has nailed their Historical miniatures. Victrix has created plastic miniatures in both 28mm and 12mm that would be amazing for some of the greatest wars in history.

New WW2 Soviet T34 76/85 Plastic Kit Available From Victrix!


Victrix Miniatures have now released their new plastic kit for those wanting to add 12mm Soviet Armour into their World War II wargames. You can now pick up the pack of T34 Tanks allowing you to make the 76/85 variants for use on the tabletop.

28mm Late Roman Armoured Infantry Coming Soon From Victrix


Victrix is getting ready to release the next of their big plastic kits for use in your Historical wargames. The team are going back to the Late Roman period this time around with a new set of 28mm Armoured Infantry to use when reinforcing the core of your army.

Victrix Miniatures Preview New 12mm WW2 British Airborne


Victrix are not slowing down as we move further into 2023. More miniatures for their 12mm World War II range are popping up and the most recent previews were for their 12mm British Airborne.

Mantic Games’ Deadzone! The Perfect Alternative To Warhammer 40K & Kill Team? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at the excellent new Starter Set coming up for Mantic Games' Deadzone. This is turning out to be a perfect alternative to Warhammer 40K and their Sci-Fi skirmish game, Kill Team. 

Victrix Look To Roll Out New 12mm WW2 Tanks For The Soviets


Victrix Miniatures has been previewing some of the new 12mm World War II Tanks that they have been working on for their expanding collection. The Soviets are going to be getting themselves a bunch of T34's. Classic...

French Chasseurs A Cheval Charging Forth From Victrix Soon


Victrix Miniatures have been showcasing some more of the new 28mm plastic Napoleonic kits coming in the new year. This time around, you'll be able to get your hands on the French Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard that will be thundering across tabletops soon.

28mm Ancient Horse Archers Ride Into Battle With Victrix


The Ancient Horse Archers are now available for you to snap up from the folks at Victrix for those looking to build on their armies of Scythians and Parthians to name two armies of the period. 

Victrix Take Aim With Upcoming Norman Crossbowmen


Victrix has dropped a quick update noting that they are going to be releasing a new set of Normans for you to use in your 28mm Dark Age wargames. Take a peek at some of the first Crossbowmen miniatures...

Pre-Order Victrix Miniatures’ 28mm Late Roman Archers & Slingers


Victrix Miniatures has now started taking pre-orders for another element of their Late Roman collection. You can now snap up the Late Roman Archers & Slingers to act as a screen when skirmishing during the Dark Ages on the tabletop.

Victrix Roll Two New 12mm WWII German Tanks Off The Line


Victrix Miniatures has added two new 12mm/1:144 Scale tanks to their collection for the Germans. You are going to be able to pick up the Panzer IV F and Panzer IV G for use during your World War II battles. 

Victrix Release Their Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry


Victrix has now released their brand new Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry for you to use during the fall of one of the mightiest empires in History. Fight on the frontiers against barbarian hordes with these new 28mm plastic miniatures.

Victrix Games Preview Their New 12mm Soviet Tanks


The folks at Victrix Miniatures have been showing off some of the new vehicles that they have coming to their 12mm World War II collection. The focus shifts from the US, Germans and the British to the Soviets and their tanks. 

Victrix Miniatures Add Ancient Horse Archers To Their Collection


Victrix Miniatures has been previewing more of their upcoming plastic miniatures. This time around, they are looking at more 28mm Ancients and their Ancient Horse Archers. 

Victrix Offer Up Skirmish Packs Of Their Dark Age Plastic Kits


Victrix has decided to offer up some alternative packs of 28mm plastic miniatures for those diving into their Dark Age wargames. Rather than picking up the packs of sixty, you can instead snap up a pack that includes thirty miniatures.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Where Does Your Hobby Inspiration Come From?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're getting back into the swing of things and learning about some hobby we've been up to. Diorama making anyone? 

Charge Into Battle With Victrix’s French Napoleonic Dragoons


Victrix has released a brand new plastic set of 28mm miniatures for the Napoleonic period. The French are getting themselves a set of Dragoons for the period of 1807-1812. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Can You Deal With Tough Tabletop Games?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we dive into a range of hobby that we've been up to and ask about difficulty levels in tabletop games. Are people in search of a good challenge nowadays?

Long Lost Fantasy Wargame Returns! Fans Reboot CHRONOPIA & You Won’t Want To Miss it! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! A long lost Fantasy wargame has returned. Diehard fans have rebooted CHRONOPIA and you won't want to miss it as it's looking like it could be epic.

12mm Support Vehicles Join Victrix’s World War II Collection


Victrix has really packed out their 12mm World War II range over the last year or so. The latest set of releases covers both the Allies and the Axis with some support vehicles that will aid both infantry and tanks. 

Victrix Releases New 28mm Dark Age Archers Miniatures Set


The folks at Victrix Miniatures have now released a new set of Dark Age Archers for you to use in your 28mm Historical wargames. The set allows you to build thirty-six miniatures that can be armed with bows and slings.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Fifty Shades Of Grey…Plastic!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, Lloyd takes us on a meandering tour of his hobby antics (or lack of!) and we discuss a whole host of topics!

Victrix Preview More Late Romans & Norman Cavalry Release


Victrix has been showing off some of the new miniatures that are coming your way for the Ancient and Dark Age Historical wargames out there. We start with a few more previews of their Late Roman Armoured Infantry.

Victrix Games Finish 12mm WWII Falschirmjager For Release Soon!


Victrix Games has now shown off the final overview of their upcoming 12mm Falschirmjager range. If you're looking to add some elite soldiers to your World War II German army then watch out for this release soon. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Why Doesn’t My Hobby Feel Like Art?


Warren, Gerry, Ben and Free dive into a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS for 2022. Warren has a pressing question as he doesn't feel like his hobby is the art that it rightly should be! Do you agree?

Community Spotlight: Infinity Bikers, Undead Napoleonics & Gaming Tables!


Some undead minions, an epic action scene from Infinity and finally a nifty looking gaming table as well which might be fun to replicate!

Victrix Preview What’s Coming In 2022 For Historical Wargamers


Victrix has been sharing some of the new miniatures you'll be able to pick up from them throughout next year. They are covering all manner of different eras of Historical wargames from the Dark Ages through to World War II.

Cult Of Games XLBS: How Clean Is Your Hobby Space + Brush Care For Dummies!


Dive into the Cult Of Games XLBS where we ask how clean is your hobby space? PLUS, we dive into a little bit of an impromptu Gerry Can as folks teach Ben what to do to keep those brushes fighting fit. 

12mm WWII German Fallschirmjäger Previewed By Victrix


Victrix has been showcasing more of the upcoming 12mm miniatures for their expanding World War II collection. The focus this month has been around the new German Fallschirmjägers who are going to add an elite quality to your armies.

Bulk Out Your Bavarian Infantry With Victrix’s New Plastic Kit


When diving into your Napoleonic warfare on the tabletop you're gonna need a lot of troops. So, Victrix has put together a new set of Bavarian Infantry (fifty-eight in fact!) which can be used for the period of 1809 through to 1815.

The Victrix Team Working On New Late Roman Archers


Victrix Limited are going to be expanding on their Historical collection with some new 28mm Late Roman Archers for those seeking to defend a faltering empire.

Community Spotlight: Draugr, Ork Pit Stops & Europe In Flames


We check out some more awesome painting from the community looking at some Draugr, a bit of Orky goodness for Orktober and finally some Normans for use during Dark Age battles.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Are Some Of Your Easy Hobby & Painting Wins?


We dive back into Cult Of Games XLBS and have a chat about the mountain of hobby and actual wargaming (yes, really!) that we've been getting up to recently.

Bavarian Infantry Marching Forth From Victrix Soon


Victrix Limited won't be turning up at Salute this year but they have been showing off more of their Napoleonic range with some 28mm Bavarian Infantry. A big new plastic set is on the way! 

Victrix Rank Up New Western & Eastern Roman Archers


Victrix Limited has been showing off some more Historical miniatures which are coming to the tabletop soon for your Ancient wargames. Roman Archers are forming up behind ranks and ranks of Legionaries to rain down death on their foes. 

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