Battle In An 8-Bit Arena With Crooked Dice’s New Minis!

January 30, 2024 by brennon

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If you're excited by the idea of retro video gaming but in tabletop form, how about some of the new releases from Crooked Dice for 7TV? They have been creating some ace miniatures inspired by the likes of TRON and old-school video games.

Electron Bike - Crooked Dice

Electron Bike // Crooked Dice

Leading the way, we have the Electron Bike which is going to be zooming around arenas. Make sure that you keep an eye on your opponents though as if they pull a fast one on you, you could go flying as you crash into their trail.

Maybe you fancy taking things to the next level? Perhaps your Electron Bike crew are trying to escape from some cyber empire who are intent on stopping you with the aid of their Electron Tanks?

Electron Tank - Crooked Dice

Electron Tank // Crooked Dice

You could also paint up a whole bunch of these and have a fun retro video gaming tank battle on the tabletop. Frag your enemies and turn them into a mess of pixels. As the ideas start to brew for games, I imagine you're also running through all the fun soundtracks you could have on in the background when playing.

Another deadly foe might take the form of the Electron Hunter. To give you an idea of scale, the tank sits around 23mm in height whilst this towering construct comes in at 67mm!

Electron Hunter - Crooked Dice

Electron Hunter // Crooked Dice

Imagine a few of these as gates that you need to pass through as well as being hunters that you need to avoid. This might also be a good time to start thinking of paint schemes for these miniatures. You could do some fun stuff with these miniatures and glow effects, either painted on or using an airbrush.

Changing things up a little bit and perhaps for another style of game, you also have the likes of the Video Ghosts.

Video Ghosts - Crooked Dice

Video Ghosts // Crooked Dice

These miniatures are 23mm in height and would be good as loveable-looking but deadly foes for you to try and avoid as you run around some retro video gaming labyrinth. I like the idea of real humans being trapped in a computer and having to avoid these whilst looking for a way out.

The same goes for the Video Invaders here. Maybe you could also put together some rules where you could "hack" the Video Invaders and turn them against the Ghosts who are relentlessly pursuing you.

Video Invaders - Crooked Dice

Video Invaders // Crooked Dice

There are a few more of these retro video game releases for you to check out which can be found HERE. The last one that I wanted to show off though is the Arcade Machine which seems like it would be perfect as that objective marker that your heroes are trying to get to.

Arcade Machine - Crooked Dice

Arcade Machine // Crooked Dice

Some amazing miniatures you didn't know you needed from the folks at Crooked Dice. The range that they have cultivated is one of the best out there, especially for those looking to dive into a game that isn't tied to any standard genre. All of these miniatures here feel like perfect fodder for 7TV and setting up some event games, perhaps for something like Salute?

What do you make of these retro video game releases from Crooked Dice?

"All of these miniatures here feel like perfect fodder for 7TV and setting up some event games"

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