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December 25, 2022 by avernos

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Join us for a celebration of the OnTableTop Community as we dive into the Cult Of Games 2022 Community Awards.

Sit down, break your paints out and get stuck into some hobby as we go through some of the best projects and the community members who have brought them to life.

What Are The Cult Of Games Community Awards?

The Cult Of Games Community Awards are given as a celebration of our community members that have done amazing hobby work this year and inspired us with their talent.

OnTableTop Project System

Community Spotlight 2022

The team sat down and poured through a whole host of projects from 2022 and boiled it down to a series of runners-up and winners who will take home an impressive trophy worthy of any cultist!

Cult Of Games 2022 Community Awards  - Categories

Here, you'll see a breakdown of the different categories that we put together for the Cult Of Games Community Awards with our finalists.

Arty Apostate - Painted A Rediculous Amounted Of Miniatures

"Ftang That's Cool" - Created Something Utterly Amazing That Took Our Breath Away!

Ancient Disciple - Created An Amazing Historical Project

Cosmic Creator - Created An Amazing Sci-Fi Project

Master Magos - Created An Amazing Fantasy Project

Pulp Prester - Created An Amazing Pulp Project

Masonic Engineer - Created An Amazing Piece Of Terrain

Neophyte Of The Year - New Community Member Of The Year

Andy Zeck Memorial Award - Made A Significant Contribution & Impact On The Community

Cult Of Games Grand Master - Grand Master Of The Cult Of Games 2022

We hope that you have enjoyed the first Cult Of Games 2022 Community Awards and this look back at some of the most impressive projects from 2022.

As always, a BIG thank you to all of our OnTableTop and Cult Of Games subscribers who have helped keep this community afloat since we started this project. You always inspired us and it's fantastic interacting with you every day.

Enjoy your holiday and bring on 2023!

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