Prepare To Delve In Grimskald’s Torch & Shield Next Week

October 6, 2023 by brennon

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Grimskald are preparing for their new Kickstarter next week (1oth October!), Torch & Shield! If you've ever wanted to dive into a game specifically focused on Dwarven adventuring in the depths of a mountain then you'll want to check this one out. See what you think of the new previews that popped up recently ahead of the Kickstarter launch...

Torch & Shield Kickstarter - Grimskald

Torch & Shield Kickstarter // Grimskald

In Torch & Shield, you'll delve into a Dwarf-themed (and I mean serious Dwarf themed!) skirmish game set amongst the ruins of the Dwarven Empire. Whilst the game is usually a competitive affair where two delving crews go up against each other, you can also play the game using a fully cooperative mode or as a solo venture if you fancy seeing if you can best the darkness by yourself!

Torch & Shield Dungeon Layout - Grimskald

Torch & Shield Dungeon Layout // Grimskald

Torch & Shield is a proper campaign game where you'll make a crew based on one of three starting factions. You'll choose the equipment that you're bringing down into the darkness with you including your weapons, armour and the all-important tools that you might need to survive. That means torches, ropes and all sorts of additional kit. You'll face more than just other Dwarves in the dark as you come up against traps and more!

Whilst the game is miniature agnostic and therefore you could use whatever miniatures and dungeon tiles in your collection, the team at Grimskald are going to be offering up options for you to snap up for yourself. The three clans have already been showcased on social media.

Clan Buldahr - Torch & Shield

Clan Buldahr // Torch & Shield

You've got the grim and dour (or more grim and dour than normal) Clan Buldahr. These Dwarves are looking to outdo each other with more and more perilous feats. Sounds like classic Slayer behaviour to me!

You've also got the resplendent Copperbrows who are obsessed with one thing and one thing only, riches!

Clan Copperbrows - Torch & Shield

Clan Copperbrows // Torch & Shield

Only through the consistent acquisition of gold can the Copperbrows maintain those fantastic outfits with all of that slashed silk. It also helps to have the money to pay for good arms and armour which is no doubt going to help when down in the depths.

Last but not least, we have the doughty and resolute Ironthanes. These warriors are proud of their martial prowess and feel like the opposite side of the coin to Clan Buldahr.

Clan Ironthanes - Torch & Shield

Clan Ironthanes // Torch & Shield

The miniatures are already looking great for all three factions and what's nice is that Grimskald is looking to offer both digital and physical rewards for backing the campaign. That means if you want to get your hands on these Dwarves but don't have a 3D Printer, you'll be in luck. The same goes for their dungeon tiles and more!

Dragontoad Battle - Torch & Shield

Dragontoad Battle // Torch & Shield

When it comes to the rules for Torch & Shield, I've been able to have a look at the prototype rulebook for the game and give the rules a read. Currently, it seems pretty much finished and the actual layout and design of the book is great. It's packed with artwork and examples which help get you introduced to the core concepts of the game.

The game uses a hybrid system of both dice and playing cards. Pools of dice are used to hit a certain target number to pass tests and then the results of those tests are often dictated by the flipping of cards. For example, you might roll a pool of dice to fight in melee and then if your hits get through, you draw from a deck of cards to see what injuries have been suffered.

Cards are also used for special actions that your Dwarves can use in-game as well as working out your initiative for the turn. It's a fun system which seems like it should be quick and easy to learn but with plenty of depth, especially as you start using the environment to your advantage.

Monstrous miniatures (also available during the campaign) will also have their own inbuilt behaviour tables which dictate what they do as you delve deeper into the ruins of your kingdom. So, there are going to be all manner of fun perils to test yourself against.

Make sure to check out more about Torch & Shield HERE and then sign up to get notified about the Kickstarter launch (10th October!) HERE.

Will you be delving into Torch & Shield?

"It's a fun system which seems like it should be quick and easy to learn but with plenty of depth..."

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