Para Bellum Reveal The Sorcerer Kings Range For Conquest!

January 15, 2024 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games are now taking pre-orders for the newest faction to enter the world of Conquest! The Sorcerer Kings are getting ready to weave their spells and fight for their corner of Ea. There are some great 35mm characters and more for this Fantasy wargame.

Sorcerer - Conquest

Sorcerer // Conquest

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Leading the way, we have the Limited Edition Preview Sculpt for the Sorcerer Kings. Aptly enough, this is a Sorcerer! Available during this pre-order period for the faction, this could be a good chance to get your hands on an ace character miniature to lead your forces in The Last Argument Of Kings or First Blood.

The Sorcerer is a powerful spellcaster, able to command your elemental troops as they surge into battle. She can tap into spells from the court of Air and fire, giving her Mainstay Regiments of that particular element. She can then synergise her spells with those units making them suitably aggressive when taking to the battlefield.

Next up, we're getting a look at the Sardar!

Sardar - Conquest

Sardar // Conquest

The Sardar are the warriors and tacticians of the Sorcerer Kings. They are masters of battlefield tactics and can lead a terrifying warband of Mahut War Elephants (can't wait to see those). They are also good at pushing their mortal infantry regiments as hard as they can, allowing them to swiftly dominate objectives. If you're going to focus more on the mortal side of things with Sorcerer Kings then these are the warriors you want on your side.

Next, you can take to the battlefield with the Maharajah.

Maharajah - Conquest

Maharajah // Conquest

The Maharajah are the most powerful of the spellcasters within your army. They get access to the same type of spells as other casters within your army but have a focus on making sure that their rituals go off spectacularly. This is a distinctly unique spellcasting mechanic within the Sorcerer Kings and is going to be one of those skills that you'll want to tinker with as you learn to master it.

I think the Maharajah also showcases so much of what is awesome about the aesthetic of the Sorcerer Kings. I love the links to Indian design and I think it comes across nicely in the sculpts we've seen so far. You don't get to see many Fantasy armies based on Indian ideas, mythology and legend so it's good to see Para Bellum stepping up to the plate!

There is one final character for you to check out from this collection of pre-orders. See what you make of the Raj!

Raj - Conquest

Raj // Conquest

The Raj bring together the best of both worlds with them being both capable warriors and deadly spellcasters. If you're looking to mix the power of the elementals and the mortals within your army then this is the fellow to bring along with you. I like that the sculpt emphasises that element of his character too with the fire in one hand and the sword being raised high to cut down an unfortunate foe.

Powerful Infantry

As well as the characters above, you have some of the core infantry that the Sorcerer Kings are going to be able to draw on to help secure the battlefield. First up, we have the flame-wreathed Ghols.

Ghols - Conquest

Ghols // Conquest

Ghols take to the battlefield in huge numbers and will rush ahead of your main army to hold objectives and hamper the advance of the enemy. They can also be used as a conduit for your spellcasters to work through, giving you a wider reach with your abilities. Drawn from the Domain Of Fire, the Ghols are shambling furnaces that you wouldn't want to get stuck in front of!

If you prefer your mortal troops, see what you think of the Rajakur.

Rajakur - Conquest

Rajakur // Conquest

Clad in heavy chainmail and using wide shields and hefty maces, the Rajakur are loyal and professional soldiers. These warriors are going to be a good bodyguards for your characters and should be useful when holding the line in the heart of the battlefield. I love these miniatures and they look like they are going to be fun to paint, especially with that glorious banner in the mix.

Call On The Efreet!

When you need something a bit bigger and heftier to clear a section of the battlefield, you might want to call on the Efreet Sword Dancers and Flamecasters that come as part of a new Dual Kit.

Efreet Sword Dancers - Conquest

Efreet Sword Dancers // Conquest

As you might have guessed from their choice of weapons, the Sword Dancers like getting up close and personal with the enemy, slicing them to ribbons. The Flamecasters offer good ranged support as you start to close the gap and are terrifying in their own right anyway!

Efreet Flamecasters - Conquest

Efreet Flamecasters // Conquest

Once again, the miniatures look amazing and I love the fun that the design team has had bringing this new army to life. I thought that the City States would be the best-looking army on the Conquest battlefield but I think they might end up coming in a close second with the emergence of the Sorcerer Kings!

Learn Your Sorcerer Kings Lore

If you'd like to know more about the Sorcerer Kings, make sure to check out their section on the Para Bellum website...

Sorcerer Kings Lore Update - Conquest

Sorcerer Kings Lore Update // Conquest

This will give you a good idea of what drives them as a faction and where you might want to take your army-building ideas. You can also check out more as part of the Sorcerer Kings reveal video that Para Bellum dove into last week.

Sorcerer Kings Reveal // Conquest

Will you be checking out more from the Sorcerer Kings and choosing them as your army for 2024? Have you sat on the sidelines of Conquest for a while but now you've been drawn in? Let us know!

Drop your thoughts below...

"Will you be checking out more from the Sorcerer Kings and choosing them as your army for 2024?"

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