Weekender: The Iceman Cometh In Warhammer 40K + WIN Dungeon Delving Kit

February 21, 2020 by crew

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We're getting stuck into a new episode of The Weekender today where we're diving into all that has been going on in the world of tabletop gaming and more.

Make sure to get involved in the comments below and tell us what you think about the tabletop treasure that we've uncovered.

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World War III & Battlefront Miniatures Tournament - 1:35

Make sure to get involved and check out the World War III: Team Yankee Series that John released this week featuring Chris from Battlefront Miniatures.

As well as watching the videos, you can also learn more about a pair of tournaments being run at the Cold Wars Show - March 12th-15th Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Find all the details HERE.

Indie Of The Week - 2:47

This time around we're going to be taking a look at a choice by Warren for Indie Of The Week. We're looking at the work of Adrian's Walls who produce a selection of awesome terrain for throughout the ages.

As well as producing terrain they also offer services where they paint up your terrain for you.

Mind Melter - 6:52

We have decided to try and break Justin's mind once more as Warren gets stuck into another Mind Melter which should have you scratching your head.

Make sure to tune in to find out what Warren has managed to uncover and please, let us know if you believe any of his nonsense!

News - 14:42

We have some great news from the tabletop gaming world...

  • Ice Warriors Of Valhalla - Old Imperial Guard miniatures return to Warhammer 40,000
  • Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - What do you make of this upcoming Sci-Fi game by Privateer Press?
  • Paperboys & WoFun - These companies join forces to provide another alternative for flat forces
  • Raise The Black - A new expansion, plastic miniatures and more are coming for Firelock's Blood & Plunder
  • Mythos - Pre-orders have gone live from Warcradle for this reinvented skirmish game
  • Elder Scrolls Expansions - New sets of miniatures, scenarios, campaigns and more from Modiphius
  • Ironsworn - A new expansion has been released for this solo/coop/traditional roleplaying game
  • Conquest Painting Competition - Get involved each month and show off your Para Bellum painting!

So, what do you make of the news from this week?

Warren Meets Mat - 44:45

We're diving back into the world of mats and this week we're looking at one from the folks at Deep-Cut. This is a great Walking Dead Town Mat which would be good for the inevitable walker invasion and other modern games too.

Kickstarter - 49:55

We have two projects for you this week, one big and one small.

  • Conan The Conqueror - See what you make of this expansion to the original Conan board game
  • Delve - A quirky and quick game which could be played on the go using a pencil, paper and a pack of cards

Are you going to be snapping up either of these Kickstarters for yourself?

3D Printing Giveaway - Titan-Forge - 1:10:10

We have a great new giveaway on the 3D Printing front from the folks at Titan-Forge who are on Patreon right now and allow you to print off loads of new models each month.

Download Barbarian STL File Here

Make sure you grab the file, print it off at home and then show us how it turned out with a lick of paint too.

WIN Dungeon Delving Book Of Battle Mats & Terrain Crate

You also have the chance this week to win some Dungeon Delving Books from the team at Gaming Books. You can check them out for yourself here.

We are also giving away a MASSIVE set of Terrain Crate goodies which we looked at earlier in the show from Mantic Games too.

Also, make sure to check out the Prize Claim Form where you can see who won the Chaos Space Marine Battle Force.

Have a great weekend!

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