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FoW: the end of an army project.

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    In some really rare occasions I stumble across something ghat is lying around for quite a time and paint it.
    Since some members in our gaming group proposed to get back to Flames of War (v3) I dug out my Panzergrenadier Company and saw that it was nearly completely painted (in games I play with large armies that is rare aswell)

    I just had to paint 4 Opel Blitz and 1 Schwimmwagen (unpainted for over 5 years) and 3 Nebelwerfer(unpainted for 3years)

    The bases of the Nebelwerfers do not fit with the rest of the army as I had totally forgotten how I did these.

    In the end Im quiet happy with the overall result of the army I started 6 years ago. You can even see the difference in paint standards I did. Ranging from quick and dirty(the trucks) to „I definitely did not knew what I was doing“ (pzIV) to „you can see who is my favorite“ (Brummbären)




    Nice looking force.  Really need to finish my Germans!



    Lovely work buddy, it a pleasure to play against that force.


    Nice work and looks like fun to play and play against on-table-top (see what I din there?)! Also great to see a project actually finished.


    I don’t think I actually have finished any of my armies across any gaming system so far. I have the odd platoon or unit here and there done, but I can’t think of anything that I don’t want to, and that the rules will allow adding to that I have actually finished.



    Well done.  Fantastic looking army.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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