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Weekender: The World Of Godslayer On Kickstarter & Fun With Captain Sonar!


It's the Weekend! Happy gaming everyone!

Blighted Ogrun Theme Force Available From Privateer Press


A Blighted Ogrun Themed Force has been added to the webstore for Privateer Press. If you liked the look of some of the models we showed off earlier in the week then you'll find many of them here.

Blighted Ogrun Take Command Of The Legion In Hordes


We'd seen some more of the Blighted creatures coming to life for Privateer Press' Hordes over the last few months and they have now popped up in the store for fans of Legion Of Everblight.

Hordes Unboxing: Pyg Lookout


We've spotted some Pyg Lookouts Trollbloods for Privateer Press's miniature wargame Hordes.

Alten Van Hellsing Is The Next Privateer Press MiniCrate Model!


Alten Ashley, the monster hunter in Privateer Press' Warmachine & Hordes, is getting a significant upgrade with Alten Van Hellsing as part of the MiniCrate for May.

April’s MiniCrate Model Revealed + A Special VIP Bonus Figure


Privateer Press has revealed the new model that will feature as part of the MiniCrate in April. If you subscribe to their service you'll be able to snap up this Totem Hunteress.

Still Time To Sign Up For Privateer Press’ March MiniCrate!


As February marches forward, Privateer Press put out a reminder that there is still time to sign up to their MiniCrate scheme and get your hands on the March model.

Hordes Unboxing: The Dreamer & Phantasms


John and Justin check out this Grymkin Warlock for Hordes from Privateer Press.

Monstrous Beasts & More Coming To Hordes’ Legion Soon


It seems we're not done with the previews of what lies ahead for Hordes and Warmachine this year.

A Peek Ahead To Privateer Press’ Releases For April


According to Party Foul on Facebook, this is a quick look ahead to what's coming in April for Privateer Press' Warmachine & Hordes.

Gatormen & Minions Take Over Privateer’s Hordes In February


With a host of new releases on the way from Privateer Press take a look at some of the previews here.

Winter Trolls Get Smashin’ & Bashin’ For Privateer’s Hordes


Privateer Press have managed to squeeze in some additional festive models to the Hordes world before Christmas with three new Trollblood models.

Weekender: Preparing For Alien Invasion! Chronicle X & BoW Studios Defence


We're talking alien invasions and Chronicle X in the studio today! Plus, John will also be putting together a very different VLOG series to carry you through the Christmas period so watch out for that!

3 Colours Up: Painting True Metallic Metal


Hordes Welcomes Witches & Bellowing Valkyries This Week


Privateer Press welcomes two new model kits this week for the world of Hordes. First up we have the Ice Witches that serve Legion Of Everblight.

New Satyxis & Blighted Trollbloods On The Way For Warmachine & Hordes


Thanks to Party Foul over on Facebook we got a look at some sneaky new renders of what's around the corner for Privateer Press' Warmachine & Hordes.

Privateer Press Bring Some Northern Spirits In The Hearthgut Hooch Hauler


It seems that Privateer Press' Northkin are getting the party started on the battlefield next year as their Hearthgut Hooch Hauler rumbles into view.

Monstrous New Minions & More For Privateer’s Hordes Coming Soon


Privateer Press continue to build on their world of Hordes with plenty of new sculpts for you to pick up across the board.

Black Friday Bonanza
Amazing Tabletop Deals


Black Friday Sale Underway From Privateer Press


If you have Privateer Press goodies on your Christmas wish list this year, then you need to have a look at their Black Friday sale going on now. Khador and Circle Orboros Unbound Armies are just a couple things on sale this week!

Privateer’s MiniCrate Mould Destruction & A New Preview


Privateer Press has got their MiniCrate service up and running, a way for you to get one off monthly miniatures that will never see the light of day again.

Weekender: Battle Systems’ Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!


It's time to delve into The Weekender with some awesome interviews looking at Battle Systems' Core Space, a new Sci-Fi skirmish game, and what lies ahead for Infinity with Carlos.

Gators Casting Spells & A High Fivin’ Trog For Privateer’s Hordes


A few more morsels of information dropped from Privateer Press covering some Hordes releases which should be out by February next year

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Fleshy Undead Gator Men – Part Three


Tomas brings back the Gatormen from Privateer Press to brighten up their fleshy hides.

New Sculpts For Warmachine & Hordes Sneak Onto Social Media


A few more morsels of what lies ahead from the folks at Privateer Press showed up this week on social media.

Hordes Unboxing: Grymkin Death Knell


Claim the dead and stack the caskets. Save these sots from the maggots.

Privateer’s Dallas Shows Off Some Impressive Bust Painting


Dallas from Privateer Press who does an amazing job on our painting tutorials highlighted (get it...hah) some great looking Busts in one of his latest articles and we just had to show them off too.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Fleshy Undead Gator Men – Part Two


Do you have the guts to create your own guts?

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Fleshy Undead Gator Men – Part One


Get your green stuff ready for moulding your very own undead, ripping flesh to cover your models.

Weekender: Vote For BoW Awards & FFG Gets Aggressive


Justin interviews Sherwin and Steve from Steamforged Games and we get an exclusive sneak peek at the next Guild Ball model you'll be fighting over!

Kolgrima Stonetruth Calls On The Power Of The Wild In Hordes


Coming in early November, we now have a proper look at the painted version of Kolgrima Stonetruth who is a great Warlock to throw into your Northkin Trollblood force in Hordes by Privateer Press.

January Welcomes More Wild Creatures To Privateer’s Hordes


Launching into the start of next we have some goodies to look forward to from the world of Hordes by Privateer Press.

3 Colours Up: Painting Gruesome Zombie Flesh


The Northkin Raiders Themed Force Pops Up For Privateer’s Hordes


Many of these miniatures you may have seen before in renders and sneaky peeks but we're finally able to see all of the newly painted Trollblood models for Hordes on the Privateer Press website.

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Crafting Your Own Custom Shields


Are your models having difficulty finding better armour on the battlefield, perhaps that old bronze dish just ain't holding back the punches anymore?

Company Of Iron Releases October 25th From Privateer Press


Privateer Press has now released the date that you'll be able to get your hands on Company Of Iron which is the cut down skirmish game set within the world of Warmachine & Hordes.

Zevanna Agha Casts Her Spells For Hordes’ Grymkin Soon


Zevanna Agha is now scheduled for release this month to support the continued tide of Grymkin hitting the tabletop for Hordes by Privateer Press.

Mennes’ Mini-Mashup: Crafting Swords From Scratch


Ever thought that sword or axe on the sprue isn't really suited for the model it comes with?

The Monstrous Frightmare & More Come To Privateer’s Hordes


Privateer Press showed off some new models on their webstore which are making their way into the world of Hordes and the Grymkin. First off we have this terrifying model, the Frightmare!

Privateer’s Special Christmas Miniature Previews Hit The Internet


Privateer Press is going to be doing their Twelve Days Of Christmas model selection again this year and we've got a sneaky look at what they might be thanks to Party Foul once again.

Check Out Privateer Press’ MiniCrate Character Concept Art


Privateer Press has been showing off some of the concept art for the characters you'll be getting in the upcoming MiniCrate releases.

The Northkin Storm Down From The Mountains For Hordes


Once again in a splash of spoilery previews (Party Foul) for the world of Privateer Press' Hordes, we have some new renders and figures from the upcoming Northkin release, bolstering the Trollbloods.