Weekender: The World Of Godslayer On Kickstarter & Fun With Captain Sonar!

May 12, 2018 by dignity

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Come and get stuck into The Weekender with us today as we're looking at some awesome new models from Megalith Games for their Godslayer Kickstarter and much more.

Weekender: The World Of Godslayer On Kickstarter & Fun With Captain Sonar!

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We've got some great news to dive into this week as well and we'd love your feedback on everything we talk about on the show.


This weekend sees Dawn & Gianna at the CMON Expo. They are going to be talking to the crew behind loads of their awesome board, card and miniature games and getting the scoops on what's new.

Make sure to get your comments in and ask them what you'd like to see covered.

Game Of The Week: Captain Sonar

We take a look at Captain Sonar which we seriously need to get on camera for a Let's Play soon. The game has two teams playing against each other to sink the opponent's submarine.

It is a game which can be played in a Turn Based mode but we reckon this shines when you've got this going completely live with all of the madness and confusion of people shouting orders to each other.


We dive into some news from this week...

What caught your eye from the news this week?

The World Of Godslayer

We talk with David from Megalith Games to discuss the world of Godslayer which is currently on Kickstarter as they look for funding to get their new Starter Box AND loads of new sculpts onto the tabletop.

There are also some prizes up for grabs but we'll tell you more about those in the show...


We have an update for you firstly from the world of Kickstarter...

...and if that didn't get you excited how about...

  • Darwin's Choice - Design your own weird creatures and help them survive against the odds
  • Skull Tales: Full Sail - Experience a sprawling board game with voyaging, dungeon crawling and more...as pirates!

Which of these campaigns caught your eye?

Competitions - Win Godslayer Goodies!

We have two winners to announce. If you heard your name in conjunction with the Ursus Bodyguard or Spirit Island competition then make sure to Claim Your Prize.

This week we're also giving away three prizes...

  • 1x Two-Player Kickstarter Starter Set
  • 1x Starter Box (Of Your Choice) + Rulebook
  • 1x Starter Box (Of Your Choice + Rulebook

...so if the world of Godslayer has got you excited then you'll want to listen out for how to win.

Have a great weekend!

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