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Pulp City



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Community Spotlight: Pulp Heroes, Stormcast Starters & Fantasy Warriors


We get a look at a Pulp City battle report, someone's first painted Stormcast Eternals and an army of ancient Fantasy Warriors!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Game Design; How On Earth Do You Get Started?!


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we discuss what hobby we've been up to and explore the different ways that you can approach tabletop game design.

Pulp City Previews New Heroes For Full Effect Campaign


Pulp City is looking to bring a bunch of new heroes into the mix for their Pulp superhero tabletop game.

Kitbash Games Bring Heroes & Villains To Kickstarter


Kitbash Games are on Kickstarter right now looking to fund their collection of Superhero and Supervillain miniatures for you to use in your games.

Pulp Monsters Partner With Kitbash To Raise Up Pulp City


This month saw the announcement from Pulp Monsters that they are partnering with Kitbash Games to bring a new era of development to Pulp City. 

Two New Skirmishing Superfolk Appear For Pulp City


Two new superfolk have arrived for Pulp City. The first of these is the Universal Soldat who brings the pain for the Red Republik. 

Pulp City’s Supremes Get Their New Faction Boxes


The first two faction boxes for the superhero skirmish game are on their way, starting with the sinister Necroplane (above) and the revolutionary A.R.C.

A Nordic Hero Hits The Streets Of Pulp City


Leap into the fighting with another new hero for Pulp City. Gwynherfar is the newest addition to their roster and the miniature is available over on their webstore right now.

Prepare To Rock Pulp City As Supremes Form A Band


The latest Pulp City previews have taken things in a musical direction as the Supreme Genesis Level Kickstarter backers formed a band.

Pulp City Monkey Around In A Mini Tank


Pulp City have stuck a monkey in a mini tank and are preparing to send it trundling into the city.

The Master Steps Into Pulp City


It looks like we might soon be hearing more from Pulp City and in the meantime we get a look at The Master.

Hunt For Treasure With Pulp City’s Simian Jones


Looking ahead to the continued growth of Pulp City, the team behind the game has been sharing some of their plans on Social Media and are also showing off some models including Simian Jones here who looks fantastic.

Who Is The Shining Supreme Pulp City have Previewed?


Pulp City have published a preview for a new supreme who will be joining the roster of heroes and villains fighting to command the city.

New Pulp City Power House Leaves You Six Feet Under


A new version of the power house supreme Six Feet Under has been released for the game of Pulp City.

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?


We dive into some more mysteries today as we thinking about the Vikings heading to South America!

New Superheroes Don Their Costumes For Pulp City


Pulp City graces us this November with some new releases for their superhero world. Seven new characters are ready to get stuck into the action so let's dive in.

Two New Releases From Pulp City This Month


Pulp City has gotten two revised sculpts for October to bring new life and style to Androida and Dr. Warlock. Not only do they look different, but their gameplay has been tweaked as well.

Weekender XLBS: Pulp City Superheroes & Getting Into Naval Wargaming


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Pulp City’s New Cold War Superhero Kickstarter Now Live


Pulp City have now begun their Kickstarter project to make the Cold War series of heroes and villains a reality. We've been covering some of their fantastic miniatures for a while now and it's great to see them get the funding already...

A Massive Roster Of Superheroes Coming To Pulp City Soon


Pulp City have shown off even more of the superheroes and villains coming to their new Kickstarter later in November this year. Both factions in the game are getting a myriad of really interesting characters to choose from...

More Pulp City Cold War Superheroes Show Up


We showed you the Captain America inspired Spybreaker earlier in the week and now we have some more of the heroes and villains all painted up for Pulp City's Cold War Kickstarter which starts on the 15th of October...

The Spybreaker Gets Stuck Into The Pulp City Fighting


If you want to embrace the awesomeness of a character like Captain America then see what you think of Spybreaker from Pulp City who is going to be one of the models in their Cold War range...

New Partnership Announced For Multiverse Gaming & Pulp Monsters


Your pulp gaming has just been taken to the next level! Multiverse Gaming and Pulp Monsters have just announced a new partnership to combine their forces and make your pulp gaming even more epic!

Side With Hammer Or Breaker As Pulp City Show Two New Teams


The battle for Pulp City continues as two new teams of Supremes prepare to enter the fray. Will you side with Team Hammer or with Team Breaker?

Pulp City Webstore To Launch On Friday


Soon you will be able to order your favorite bits from Pulp City through their new webstore! The site will hopefully be open for business starting this Friday, with all sorts of great little perks.

Scarab Swarms the Streets of Pulp City


Pulp City has been shipped out to all its European backers and is currently heading out to the rest of America. That doesn't mean the guys behind it are sitting on their laurels though as they have just shown off a sculpt for the powerhouse supreme Scarab.

New Rails Unlocked As Stretch Goal For Warehouse District


Your city transportation troubles are solved with the final stretch goal for the Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter from Impudent Mortal. Subway cars and stunning raised tracks will put a fantastic touch on your gritty city table!

Dr Warlock Starts Casting His Spell Over Pulp City


Pulp City is well on the way to shipping out all of its Kickstarter pledges (I got mine!) and are now moving forward with some of the other new sculpts that appeared during the crowdfunding, most notably their fan made Supreme Genesis characters such as Dr Warlock.

Impudent Mortal Offers Customization to Your Terrain With Pulp Decals


Now you can give your city some added flavor with the cool terrain decals headed your way in Impudent Mortal's upcoming Warehouse District Terrain Kickstarter! Whether you approach it from an advertisement angle or you are trying to give it a run-down effect, these decals will give it the perfect finishing touch!

Impudent Mortal Make Pulp City Pixelated


Impudent Mortal will be working with Pulp Monsters to create a range of accessories for Pulp City, starting off with a set of Pixel minions for Vector.

Pulp City Prove the Existence of Big Foot


The guys at Pulp City have said that they will hopefully be shipping out their Kickstarter minis some time this month, and have just put up a preview of one of their first planned post-Kickstarter releases. Big Foot does exist, and he apparently likes grunge!

Supreme Genesis Backer Brings The Spear Skills To Pulp City


Another of the Supreme Genesis pledge level supreme creations has appeared for Pulp City, a mystical spear wielding warrior named Rath.

Supreme Genesis Bramble Grows in Pulp City


Another of the fan made Supreme Genesis level characters for Pulp City has been previewed, this time bringing a bit of fire power to the forces of nature. Check out this thorny archer, named Bramble.

Pulp City Backer Creates Supreme Doctor Warlock


You might remember that when Pulp City was running its recent Kickstarter, it offered a Supreme Genesis pledge level that gave fans the chance to create their own Supreme. Now the latest of these fan-made heroes has appeared, the mystical master Doctor Warlock.

Come Across a Tiny 3D Grimm in Pulp City


Unfortunately, it looks as if the Pulp City Supremes Kickstarter is running a few months behind schedule, which isn't surprising when one considers how much over their initial aim it ended up. However, to tie us over Pulp Monster have published a peek at their first ever 3D printed mini!

Pulp City Welcomes Some New Mighty Supremes!


Check out some of the awesome painted miniatures from Pulp City! What do you think of the work?

Robo-Chimp Arrives in Pulp City. Your Move, Creep


Pulp City is definitely a wild place, and it just got a bit crazier as a mechanical monkey swings onto the streets. Meet Robo-Chimp.

Fear Not Citizen For More Sculpts Are Here For Pulp City


The guys at Pulp City are quite excited as they have just got sculpts for minis which hadn't been an initial part of their latest Kickstarter, including the citizens of Pulp City itself.

Pulp City Makes a Large Baboom!


Pulp City is busy preparing for the 9000+ miniatures they have to produce for their Kickstarter backers, but they've decided to take the time to show off one of the last sculpts of the fundraiser, the well-armed ape known as Baboom!

Pulp City’s Hover Cats Are Coming For Your Catnip!


What has to be one of the most brilliantly bizarre creations to come out of Pulp City's Kickstarter is fully finished and ready to unleash some furry fury. Check out the awesome Hover Cats!

A Babe with the Power of Voodoo Moves into Pulp City


Over in the urban sprawl of Pulp City the voodoo drums are beginning to beat as two new sculpts appear for the Coven faction.

Pulp City Quakes in Terror at the Arrival of Feartigo


Pulp City is continuing its rise out of Kickstarter and have just brought to life another of those great concepts we saw as stretch goals. Prepare to quake in terror before Feartigo!

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