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Lion Tower Create Mystical & Martial Heroes For Wrathborn


Lion Tower Miniatures showed off two new models that will be coming out for Wrathborn soon.

Wrathborn Set To Unleash The Warg This Month


Wrathborn and Lion Tower Miniatures will be releasing their Warg for the Children Of Sha into the wilderness at the end of this month. 

Werewolves & Warriors Clash As Wrathborn Kickstarter Goes Live


Wrathborn, a new skirmish-level miniatures game, is now available on Kickstarter.

The Paladins Of The Kingdoms March Into Wrathborn


The world of Wrathborn will be coming to Kickstarter 2nd October 2018 and as well as their Lycanfiend and Norndrassel factions we will also be saying hello to the Kingdoms. 

Monstrous Beasts Take Shape For The Fantasy World Of Wrathborn


Wrathborn was at the UK Games Expo this past weekend showing off one of the monstrous stretch goals that has been worked on by Lion Tower Miniatures for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Check out this Snow Troll!

Lion Tower Preview Sculpt For Wrathborn’s Shadow Stalker


The first of the female miniatures for Wrathborn, the Shadow Stalker, has been previewed by the sculptors at Lion Tower Miniatures. Take a peek at this new Lycanfiend model below.

Wrathborn’s Snarling Lycanfiend Alpha Takes Shape


Wrathborn has shown off the work of Lion Tower Miniatures who finished their Lycanfiend Alpha model, one of the faction leaders for their upcoming Fantasy game.

Lion Tower Sculpt Final Models For Wrathborn’s Norndrassel


Lion Tower Miniatures have now finalised the models for Wrathborn's Norndrassel faction which will be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Wrathborn Continues Life With Lion Tower Miniatures


The world of Wrathborn continues its life as the game world comes under the wing of Lion Tower Miniatures going forward.

Hairy Studios Bring Forth The Warriors Of The Hold


Hairy Studios have shown off some of the new renders for some more models that will join their Norndrassel faction in Wrathborn.

Lion Tower Miniatures Sculpt Up A Jarl For Wrathborn


Lion Tower Miniatures have worked with Hairy Studios to create their Norndrassel Jarl for the game, Wrathborn. You know me - I do like popping some Vikings into the mix.

Work On Wrathborn’s Alpha Takes Things To The Next Step


The Alpha for Wrathborn by Hairy Studios has gone through a few more tweaks and now you can see how it looks one step away from going off to the printers. Last time we saw the model it was missing a lot of the detail and the posing still needed sorting out...

Hairy Studios Show Off The Wrathborn Alpha Lycanfiend


Hairy Studios have shown off an early render worked on by Lion Tower Miniatures for the world of Wrathborn. See what you make of the Alpha Lycanfiend howling at the moon...

A New Grumpy Snow Troll Gets Angry For Wrathborn


Wrathborn continues to develop with a look at a new render from Hairy Studios of their Snow Troll. I have a soft spot for these big lumbering beasts and it's great to see more variants of them popping up.

Finished Wrathborn Resin Miniatures & Troll Sighted


Norndrassel Warriors, skulking Lycans and a hulking Snow Troll become part of the world of Wrathborn.

The World Of Wrathborn Heading To Kickstarter Next Year


Which faction would you like to take control of for the Wrathborn Kickstarter coming next year? The Norndrassel are looking pretty good!

Wrathborn’s Lycanfiend Alpha Howls At The Moon


It's time to change and begin howling at the moon with this awesome looking Lycanfiend for the world of Wrathborn!

The Wrathborn Blog Has Been Fired Up For New Introduction


Delve into the world of Wrathborn as the chap behind it starts up his own blog to develop the games background and concepts.

Who’s Afraid of Wrathborn’s Big Bad Wolf?


The Alpha of the Lycanfiends is beginning to take shape for Wrathborn, a muscled beast that will be give more than just three little pigs something to worry about.

A New Jarl Rises To Take Command In Wrathborn


The Jarl rises to take control of his warband in the world of Wrathborn. See what you think of the finished miniature!

Wrathborn Trembles as the Norndrassel Warlord Takes Shape


The new fantasy skirmish game Wrathborn continues to take shape and as a little Easter gift for us all we get to see the latest WIP of the Norndrassel Warlord.

Start Howling At The Moon With Wrathborn’s Lycanfiend


Wrathborn begins to howl at the moon with the awesome Lycanfiend getting their concept art sorted for the game!

A Warrior of Wrathborn Defends the Hold


The fantasy world of Wrathborn just got its first finished sculpt for the Norndrassel faction; a mighty Warrior of the Hold.

Loyal Warriors Of The Hold & Snarling Lycanfiends For Wrathborn


Wrathborn is shaping up nicely with a bit of sculpting work going on and concept art for a future faction!

Wrathborn Begins Their Hunt For Trolls!


Wrathborn has begun to sculpt some interesting models and it starts with the Troll. What do you think of this ugly fellow?

Learn More About The History & Mechanics Of Wrathborn


Learn more about the mechanics and a little bit of the history behind the development of Wrathborn.

The Norndrassel Faction Grows For Wrathborn


Wrathborn has shown off some more concept art and it's well worth a look. See what you think of their nude avenger, the Berserker!

A Mighty Warlord Takes Shape For Wrathborn


Wrathborn are showing off some more concept art for their upcoming miniatures game. This time it's another of the Nordrassel and their Warlord.

Wrathborn Enters It’s Early Tabletop Alpha Phase


If you'd like to make your mark on the development of Wrathborn then consider signing up for their Alpha test via their Facebook page.

Wrathborn Protects You With Their Norndrassel Warriors


Wrathborn continues to impress me with this new piece of concept art. It's all looking nice and 'Northern' so it should be epic once it's done.

New Skirmish Game Wrathborn Previews On Facebook


See what you think about this new fantasy skirmish game that has arrived on Facebook. Will you be following along with their progress?

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