Arthurian Legends Begin Their Quest On Heroes Infinite [Updated!]

September 1, 2022 by brennon

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Raging Heroes is going back to the realm of Fantasy for the month of September. Heroes Infinite will be graced by mighty Arthurian Legends like King Arthur, Lancelot, The Green Knight, The Lady Of The Lake and more.

Arthurian Legends - Heroes Infinite September // Raging Heroes

The set is going to come with a similar breakdown of offerings that we've seen from Heroes Infinite before. You'll have two tiers to choose from with the Leader tier offering up the majority of your miniatures and a few big standout pieces. The Overlord tier will then take things to the next level with more troops, big monstrous creatures and more.

The New Arthurian Legends Miniatures

Here is a neat breakdown of some of the new miniatures coming to the Arthurian Legends collection for September.

King Arthur - Raging Heroes

King Arthur // Raging Heroes

The big head honcho is for King Arthur who is looking spectacular in his armour and flowing robes. I love that they've gone with that classic Medieval Fantasy vibe for these new Arthurian miniatures with a tweak here and there to make them noticeably Raging Heroes.

Next up, we have the impressive new miniature for Merlin who is Arthur's right hand wizard.

Merlin - Raging Heroes

Merlin // Raging Heroes

There is a nice little nudge towards the Pagan routes of Arthurian Legend in his appearance which is nice to see. I like that the miniature is designed in tune with nature and seems incredibly calm as he gets ready to cast some powerful spell.

You also have impressive characters from King Arthur's court including the Mounted Lancelot here on the back of a fairy tale beast.

Mounted Lancelot - Raging Heroes

Mounted Lancelot // Raging Heroes

The pose here is awesome and it's neat to see something very dynamic to include in the front ranks of your army. I think my favourite miniature of the lot though has to be the very cool Green Knight who looks resplendent in his mossy armour.

Mounted Green Knight - Raging Heroes

Mounted Green Knight // Raging Heroes

I like that the armour has been styled to look like wood and you get the sense that this fellow is something Fae and eldritch rather than run-of-the-mill. A perfect leader for a lost and forgotten Bretonnian force perhaps.

Last but not least, we have the impressive Lady Of The Lake who is carrying the enchanted magical blade, Excalibur.

Lady Of The Lake - Raging Heroes

Lady Of The Lake // Raging Heroes

I would love to see someone paint this miniature with almost a "wet effect" as it were and make it feel as if the miniature is coming up out of the water.

If those miniatures have got you interested then you certainly want to check out the two tiers of miniatures you're able to pick up for this month.

Arthurian Legends - Raging Heroes

Arthurian Legends // Raging Heroes

So, which miniatures are you going to be printing first?

Do you have a favourite from the Arthurian Legends set that you saw in the trailer?

"Heroes Infinite will be graced by mighty Arthurian Legends like King Arthur, Lancelot, The Green Knight, The Lady Of The Lake and more..."

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