The Kushites Arrive In Metal For Footsore’s Mortal Gods

May 18, 2020 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures & Games has now released their metal versions of their Ancient Kushite range for use in Mortal Gods. They lead the way with the Kushite Prince who is ready to direct his warriors in battle.

Kushite Prince - Mortal Gods

Here is some of the background on this particular warrior...

"A member of the royal house of Kush and trained from birth to be both leader and warrior, a Kushite Prince commands both loyalty and respect from his companions. According to Herodotus, the Kushites did not pay tribute to Persia. Instead, they sent precious gifts to the Persian king, including gold, ebony and elephant tusks, and chose to fight for him."

This fellow then allows you to take on the skirmish of Mortal Gods with a very different looking force that is as interesting to play as it is to paint. You've also got the Kushite Warriors...

Kushite Warriors - Mortal Gods

...and the Kushite Archers who are going to be providing some covering fire to your advancing troops. I really like how colourful and different they look as a force, providing you with a really diverse army that isn't clad in bronze.

-5ec27d6756cc5--5ec27d6756cc6Kushite Archers - Mortal Gods.png

This isn't to say that Mortal Gods isn't a colourful game, but it's nice to see some alternatives from this Ancient era on the tabletop. I do wonder what other colours they might have daubed themselves in when they went into battle?

Animal Attack

Perhaps trying to take a cue from Joe Exotic, we also have the Kushite Priest Of Apedemak With Lion. I wouldn't want to mess with a holy man who had a wild animal at his side.

-5ec27d70461ba--5ec27d70461bbKushite Priest Of Apedemak And Lion - Mortal Gods.png

Here is a little more on why the lion was so important to the Kushites...

"In Ancient Nubian religion, Apedemak was a lion-headed warrior god or lion-god and was called "The Lord of Royal Power." In Nubia, with the kingdoms of Kush, the royal throne was always depicted as a lion showing temple reliefs of kings subdued by lions and even eaten."

Again, this is a really fun option for someone trying to do something different in the Ancient period. I think it could be fun to see how Spartans deal with a roaring lion. Maybe you prefer to unleash something else on your foes? How about a pack of bloodthirsty Baboons?

Kushite Baboon Pack - Mortal Gods

Again, I would much rather face down another warrior with their pointy stick than a rabid looking baboon who is really intent on tearing my face off. You can check out the entire of the Mortal Gods range HERE to see if it appeals to you as a game.

Drop your thoughts below...

"Maybe you prefer to unleash something else on your foes?"

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