Support The City States With New Founder’s Exclusive Diorama

October 24, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games have added a new Founder's Exclusive diorama to their webstore for those wanting to show their support for The City States. See what you make of the 35mm scale The Last Stand where the forces of The City States battle against The Old Dominion.

The Last Stand #1 - Conquest

The Last Stand // Conquest

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Here's some of the background behind this particular piece. It shows a pretty heroic clash between The City States and their undead foes who are looking to overrun them.

"When the last defenders of Aepernia fell to the tide of living death that engulfed the south, the foe they left to the reinforcing forces of Acheron were scattered and brittle. Even the notoriously taciturn god of Acheron is known to have said: "They did not fight like heroes, the heroes fought like them.""

The diorama comes with that lovely detailed resin base but you also get miniatures for an Aristarch, Polemarch, Dorylatis and a Minotaur Thyrean Leader. Whilst each miniature can be put directly into the scenic base, you can also make them removable so you can use them in First Blood and larger battles of The Last Argument Of Kings.

The Last Stand #2 - Conquest

The Last Stand // Conquest

An epic scene and one that would be great for those who are looking to show their support for Conquest and The City States. I could see a lot of folks snapping up these miniatures so they can make a more unique force.

The Last Stand Details - Conquest

The Last Stand (Details) // Conquest

Could you be tempted to snap up one of these sets? If you did, would you go for a scene like the one presented here or would you tinker with it and make it more dark and brooding or perhaps pack it with more miniatures to really hammer home that desperate last stand? Maybe you could even use this to bring a larger battle to the tabletop.

Drop your thoughts below...

"Could you be tempted to snap up one of these sets?"

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